Hyperspec MX.V

A compact, dust-proof watertight hyperspectral system designed specifically for advanced machine vision and process analytical applications.

• VNIR spectral range (400-1000nm)
• 340 spectral bands, 1020 spatial bands
• 480 GB internal storage
• perClass Mira® software compliant
• Suitable for in-production environments

As exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply the Hyperspec® MV.X from Headwall Photonics.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements with a product specialist, please call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776 or email info@analytik.co.uk.


Hyperspec® MV.X

The compact, dust-proof and watertight MX.V system is designed specifically for advanced machine vision and process analytical applications. This rugged solution can be installed both inside and outside production environments.

Hyperspectral imaging is emerging as a key technique for advanced automated sorting and inspection to alleviate some of the most tedious and labour-intensive tasks. Collecting highly resolved spectral information for each pixel in the image enables the detection of slight differences in colour or composition to improve sorting and grading decisions. Spectral data collected in the near-infrared helps detect or quantify features that traditional vision techniques cannot see.

Hyperspectral systems have historically faced significant hurdles in industrial deployment due to the challenges of handling vast amounts of raw data, as well as the complexity of model development. The award-winning MX.V platform overcomes these obstacles by combining a high performance spectrometer with powerful embedded computing to extract actionable results in real time.

Technical Specifications:

Hyperspec MX.V
Wavelength range 400-1000 nm
Spatial bands 1020
Spectral bands 340
Spectral sampling 1.75 nm/pixel
FWHM Slit Image 6 nm
Optical design Aberration-corrected concentric
f/# 2.5






RJ45 (GigE) x2

D-Sub 26 pin (GPIO)

Camera technology CMOS
Bit depth 12-bit
Max Power (W) <42 W
Storage capacity 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD
Weight with 24mm lens 3 kg
Ingress protection (IP) rating IP66, IP67
Operating Temperature 0 deg C to 50 deg C
Temperature range -10 deg C – 60 deg C

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  • Foreign object detection
  • Contamination detection
  • Sorting & grading
  • Process analytics


  • Food processing & sorting
  • Seed breeders
  • Pharmaceutical production


Headwall MV.X Intro Video

Almond Inspection Using Hyperspectral Imaging


PDF Icon Hyperspec® MV.X Datasheet

Technical & Application Notes

PDF Icon Assessing Oregano Purity

PDF Icon Identification of Jacobs Cross Cabbage in Herbs

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