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The first time I saw a hyperspectral system was the Headwall system installed at the Bodleian Library, it immediately became apparent that it was a very desirable bit of kit and would do exactly what we wanted. We were aware that the Headwall system is not alone in the field, and so when we were purchasing we specified the metrics that would be used in the purchasing process, which was very transparent. We knew what we needed the equipment to do and as well as the spectral and spatial resolution, weight was very important. Our system needed to be portable to move the system to other sites. We’re very pleased with the performance of the Headwall kit.

Prof Andrew Beeby, Professor of Chemistry, Durham University

“The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences purchased a LM20 several years ago and continue to be impressed by its ease of use and efficiency in the lysis of a wide variety of bacterial and algal cells. When we expanded to an additional site at the Blizard Institute as part of the Centre for Structural Biology, it was logical to purchase an additional system.  The system was delivered promptly but, due to the pandemic, it was almost a year before installation could take place.  We are really happy to report that the microfluidizer is now fully installed, new staff trained and everything is running brilliantly. ”

Dr Ruth Rose, Protein Facility Manager, Queen Mary University London

“Our agricultural trials of 2017 would have looked very different without the ASD FieldSpec Dual Collection Software. The use of a solitary ASD FieldSpec 4, whilst giving us reliable results, was never going to give us the scope we required. The purchase of the Dual Software allowed us to collect in the thousands of spectra over the course of a few hours, massively reducing our workload. The team at Analytik have always been very helpful and I know that if we have any issues at all they will be on hand to give us support. This is crucial when the Dual has been such a cornerstone of projects in the past.”

David Mothersdill, Data Manager, 2Excel Geo

“The first of its kind in Europe, the co-aligned VNIR SWIR airborne hyperspectral imaging system offers a significant leap forward in our hyperspectral data collection for earth observation research. Analytik were on-hand and responsive to our queries throughout the purchasing and after sales process, and continue to  provide excellent advice and support. I would absolutely recommend Analytik’s services to my colleagues.”

Jack Gillespie, Operations Technician, NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility

“We are indebted to the excellent technical support provided by Analytik, which has enabled us to fully exploit the high-pressure LV-1 Microfluidizer for the production of well-defined nanoemulsions. We will be seeking their support and advice in the future as we seek to extend our studies to include water-in-oil nanoemulsions.”

Professor Steve Armes, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

“We approached Analytik to find a replacement for a high-pressure homogeniser from another manufacturer, which had been unreliable and failed to achieve sufficient lysis of our tough yeast cells even after very many passes. We selected the LM20 Microfluidizer not only because it efficiently lysed a broad range of cell types but also was incredibly simple and easy to use which is very important as many different people need to use the machine regularly.

We also much appreciated the knowledgeable technical and applications support provided by Analytik which has enabled us to fully exploit the considerable capabilities of the LM20 Microfluidizer.”

Dr Petra Ungerer, Lab Manager, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University London

“Analytik provided a streamlined and efficient service from our initial enquiry through to installation and training. Hiran’s knowledge and expertise of the instrumentation and our application was outstanding. We have found the ASD LabSpec 4 robust and very intuitive to use so far and are looking forward to continuing to utilise it in our future projects. I’d be happy to recommend Analytik’s products and services to my colleagues.”

Tony Callaghan, Science Officer, Commercial Mushroom Producers

“Friendly and non pressure sales approach. Willing to question, listen and advise on most practical solutions for our needs. Willingness to provide pre order technical support and proof of concept. Patience in awaiting final selection. Hiran (Sales Specialist) is technically excellent but provides information at multiple levels of audience understanding. He is very professional and polite and is easy to get on with and allows trust to readily develop.”
Phil Egan, QA Director, Systagenix

“The team at Analytik provided excellent service in responding quickly and comprehensively to enquiries. Training and installation were exceptional whilst the ongoing support is valuable and most welcome. Looking forward to working with the Analytik team on future projects.”

Dr Louisa Campbell, Research Fellow in Archaeology, University of Glasgow

“Analytik provides excellent service. The sales team is very friendly and always ready to help before and, importantly, also after purchasing. The technical team has very good knowledge on the equipment and promptly replies to all queries.”

Anna Dobrowolska, R&D Manager, Keeling & Walker

“The LM20 Microfluidizer processor offers superior lysis over traditional methods of cell disruption with an efficient system to reduce internal blockages. The scalability of the design means that the forces experienced by cells will not change if the sample volume increases. I can, therefore, have confidence that the sample quality, yield and processing times won’t be impacted by scaling up my lab processes.

Digital controls allow the system pressure to be set more easily and accurately compared to alternative manual processors, reducing the potential for errors and increasing reproducibility.

Analytik’s in-depth user training, and easy operation/maintenance procedures have been extremely beneficial. I feel confident to troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance without having to call the support teams – it doesn’t feel like a ‘black box’ machine.

I would recommend the LM20 Microfluidizer as an essential tool for cell disruption.”

James Wright, Protein Scientist, Abcam Plc

“(Analytik provided) helpful and rapid technical support.”

Beth Holder, Research Associate, Imperial College London

“Excellent technical understanding of the products. All of our staff found the training day very worthwhile and interesting. We also appreciate the follow up support Analytik have provided since we’ve got started with our FieldSpec Handheld 2.

Lizzie Sagoo, Soil Scientist, ADAS

“Provided excellent service during the purchase and installation.”
Conor McSweeney, Manager PAT Projects, Pfizer

“Demonstrate equipment well, good technical knowledge, quick answers to questions.”
Richard Holdich, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University

“I have found Analytik to be a very responsive and knowledgeable vendor. Training, installation, qualification and after sales support have been very good.  I look forward to doing more business in the future.”
Neville Broad, MD, NWBSpectroscopy

“Great technical knowledge of product with honest appraisal of instruments function and capabilities. Always willing to find answers to customer questions – could not fault professionalism and quality of service.”
Danny Donoghue, Professor in the Department of Geography, Durham University

“Very helpful and good response to technical enquiries. I also like the ‘no pressure selling’ approach to demonstrating the benefits of the instrument. Overall I was very pleased with the service provided.”
Robert Sherry, Associate Director, Molecular Profiles

“Prompt responses to all enquiries, requests for quotes always dealt with very professionally. The training provided during installation was also very thorough.”
Stephanie Allen, Professor of Pharmaceutical Biophysics, University of Nottingham – School of Pharmacy

“Excellent demonstration, installation and training support. Willingness to push to meet the required delivery date.”

Michael Collins, Senior Engineer, PALL Europe


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