Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactors | Continuous Flow Reactor

The LCTR-Series of Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactors are a patented chemical reactor series that produce high-purity, uniform substances using Taylor Fluid Flow.

Key Features:

  • Reduced reaction times – order of magnitude decreases in reaction time, depending on application
  • Increased purity – higher purity products through uniform mixing
  • Fully controlled – controlled particle size and distribution in crystallisation & precipitation reactions
  • Scalable process – continuous process, scalable from low-volume laboratory bench top reactors to production scale (working volume 0.02 – 1,000 litres)

As the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply the LCTR series from Laminar. Through Analytik, you’ll have access to our team of experts to help develop your application and get the most out of your investment.

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Conventional vs Laminar Reactor

Conventional vs Laminar Reactor: Uniform mixing illustrated by LFD comparison with conventional stirred tank

Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactors (LCTRs) are a patented chemical reactor series that produce high-purity, uniform substances using Taylor Fluid Flow.

LCTRs use a jacketed cylindrical vessel with a central, rotating agitation bar to produce taylor flow mixing along the length of the vessel. Reagents are pumped at a controlled rate into the vessel and the reaction efficiency is maximised through specific turbulent mixing before the products are collected at the end of the vessel.


Advantages of Taylor Flow Reactors

  • Flow reactor designed around exploiting specific turbulent mixing through Taylor flow
  • Higher mixing force and mass transfer velocity than conventional batch reactors
  • Combines the advantages of tank and tubular type reactors in the production of high-purity materials under continuous flow


LCTR Cross-section


Model Volume (L) Dimension (L/W/H) Max. Agitation Speed (rpm) Weight (Kg)
Mini – V 0.02 274 X 525 X 617 1,500 40
Lab II – V 0.1 500 X 500 X 1, 178 1,500 85
Lab II – H 0.2 1,102 X 450 X 574 1,500 120
Tera 3100 (General) 1 1,470x 700x 1,157 1,500 450
Tera 3300 (PLC, CE Certified) 1 1 ,400 X 700 X 1 , 1 50 1,500 650
Peta 10 2,330 X 700 X 1,220 1,500 1,200
50 3,400 X 1,300 X 1,600 1,200 3,000
Exa 100 5,800 X 2,300 X 1,850 300 5,000
500 6,500 X 2,500 X 2,000 250 15,000
1,000 8,500 X 3,000 X 2,300 250 25,000


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Laminar Applications

Sulfamerazine - Conventional vs Laminar

Sulfamerazine: conventional method vs. Laminar reactor. Controlled particle sizes and desired phase transformation in significantly less time

  • Pharmaceutical API crystallisation
  • Graphene oxide manufacturing
  • Li-ion battery material manufacturing
  • OLED material purification
  • CNT washing
  • Amino acid purification
  • Recycling phosphoric Acid
  • Precipitation/crystallisation of inorganic compounds
  • Recrystallisation for high purity


PDF Icon Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactor Series Applications Sheet


PDF Icon Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactor Series Info Sheet

PDF Icon Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactor Series Datasheet

PDF Icon Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactor Series Applications Sheet

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