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As the world navigates through the Coronavirus pandemic, vaccine development continues at an unprecedented pace. There is an urgent need for the development of new and improved vaccine delivery systems and vaccine developers must optimise nano formulations for the efficient packaging and safe delivery of the genetic material.

In recombinant protein-based vaccines, where a protein is isolated and used, a vaccine adjuvant is essential for maximising efficiency and the number of doses that can be manufactured from each batch. In the more recent new generation vaccines of nucleic acid-based vectors such as DNA or RNA, which code the protein so the body produces the protein itself, suitable delivery systems are still in development. Lipid-based nanoparticle platforms including Liposomes currently seems the best approach.

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An Introduction to Vaccines from Microfluidics

Producing Vaccines with Microfluidizer Technology

Microfluidizer® Processor technology creates stable nanoemulsions suitable for the production of vaccines. Combining a fixed geometry Interaction Chamber™ and a constant pressure intensifier pump means that virtually the entire batch is passed through the Microfluidizer® processor at the required shear rate. This results in small particle sizes with a narrow size distribution.

The results obtained in the lab are guaranteed on scale up as the same size and shape of microchannel Interaction Chambers are used on the production units to match that of the lab – they are added in parallel to deliver scale up.  Research has proved that the particle size distribution (PSD) achieved in the lab in batch sizes of 300mL/minute can be replicated at production scale with volumes of 5 L/minute.

Tests have shown the technology creates best in class nanoemulsions that are not only stable, but also can be sterile filtered to avoid the need for costly aseptic processing.  The technology produces oil droplet sizes of d90 < 200 nm which are effective for sterile filtration.  If the particles are too large they will cause a loss of product and require more expensive filtration equipment downstream.

Find out about the Production of Nanoemulsion Adjuvants Using High Shear Fluid Processing


Case Studies

A case study from Microfluidics covering Vaccine Adjuvant Production – the history, production methods, MF59, Nanoemulsions, Filtering.

Microfluidics hosts the Infectious Disease Research Institute’s (IDRI) Christopher Fox, Ph.D. (Director of Formulations).

Microfluidizer® Processors

Microfluidizer technology produces precisely controlled droplet sizes and distribution curves which creates nanoemulsions that can be successfully sterile filtered even at high volume throughputs with minimal yield losses.

Adjuvants can be produced at production scale where the results are directly scalable from the lab across the range of Microfluidics equipment.

As the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of Microfluidizer® Processors from US manufacturer Microfluidics, we provide extensive technical and servicing support to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Microfluidizer Processors


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