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We provide cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to leading organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Browse product categories below, or contact us to discuss your requirements with a product specialist.


A range of portable spectroscopy solutions including Vis-NIR, FTIR and more.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Fully integrated, cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging solutions from Headwall Photonics.

Particle Characterisation

A range of techniques to measure size, shape, concentration, size distribution and zeta potential.

High Shear Homogenisers

Microfluidizer technology for nanoemulsions, cell disruption and uniform particle size reduction.

Continuous Flow Reactors

Patented Taylor Fluid Flow technology for producing high-purity, uniform substances.

3D Bioprinting

A high-end, modular, multi-headed 3D bioprinter for simultaneous dispensing of different materials.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing solutions for precision agriculture environmental monitoring, and more.

Nanolitre Dispensing

Produce high-quality spots by non-contact dispensing of sub-nanolitre volumes.

Phenotyping & Imaging

Digital plant phenotyping and imaging solutions for breeders and research labs.

Calibration Standards & Targets

Standards, coatings, targets & spheres for optical spectroscopy and radiation measurements.

Ultrasonic Metal Atomisers

Unique laser technology for mass-scale early chemical threat detection.

Chemical Threat Detectors

Patented ultrasonic metal atomiser technology for small scale quality metal power production.

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