Nano - Icon BioScaffolder 3D BioPrinter Series

The BioScaffolder 3D bioprinting series from GeSiM is the world’s most advanced 3D bioprinter system. Designed by scientists for scientists, the BioScaffolder provides unparalleled bioprinting capabilities and extensive software functionality for cutting-edge tissue engineering and regeneration.

3D bioprinting offers many exciting opportunities in biomedicine including personalised regenerative medicine, more efficient pharmaceutical development and improved drug delivery systems. The BioScaffolder is a modular 3D bioprinter series with an array of optional accessories and features for a truly customisable product tailored to your needs and requirements.

The BioScaffolder 3.3 Prime is an affordable bioprinter with a fixed combination of popular 3D bioprinting tools, which can be added to in the future. The advanced BioScaffolder 3.2 and industry-scale BioScaffolder 5.1 are completely customisable with a vast range of printing tools and accessories available for cutting-edge bioprinting capability.

Find out more about the BioScaffolder below, or contact us to discuss your requirements with a specialist.

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