PhenoAixpert | Plant Phenotyping System

PhenoAixpert is a top-view imaging and phenotyping system for seedlings, plant parts, petri dishes, MTP’s and other samples.

Suitable for a range of sample types, the PhenoAixpert plant phenotyping system saves time and labour with application-orientated analytical workflows. Available in three models: PhenoAixpert, PhenoAixpert Pro & PhenoAixpert Root.

Now also available: PhenoAixpert ES – High sensitivity bioluminescence imaging for plant applications.

Key Features:

  • Advanced, reliable imaging processing technology – image processing algorithms and optional machine learning
  • User friendly image acquisition, storage & analysis – with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Easy to use, structured image file administration – with metadata, annotation and analysis directly linked to images
  • Common phenotypic data as standard – includes count, size, morphology & colour
  • Customisable phenotyping with artificial intelligence – tailored to your requirements
  • Market-leading technical support – from both Analytik and LemnaTec

As the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply the PhenoAixpert from LemnaTec. Through Analytik, you’ll have access to our team of experts to help develop your application and get the most out of your investment.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements with a product specialist, please call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776 or email


PhenoAixpert is a versatile plant phenotyping equipment series for plant breeding and plant research. Depending on your requirements, the system is available in three different models: PhenoAixpert, PhenoAixpert Pro,  PhenoAixpert Root and PhenoAixpert ES (more information below).

Suitable for analysing plants up to 20cm, 40cm or growing in Rhizotrons, the PhenoAixpert series utilises application orientated analytical workflows with artificial intelligence to save valuable time and labour in plant phenotyping. Through unified image and information storage and analysis, the system is standardised for easily reproducable results.

The system utilises a top-view visible light RGB 12 Megapixel industrial camera with various lens options according to samples sizes. Illumination is provided through incident light, homogeneous diffuse illumination with high quality LEDs.

Model Options


PhenoAixpert Pro

PhenoAixpert Root

PhenoAixpert | Plant Phenotyping System
PhenoAixpert Pro/Root | Plant Phenotyping System
PhenoAixpert Pro/Root | Plant Phenotyping System

Optional Features

  • Sample stage as light box for samples requiring illumination from below
  • Sample holders for standard objects (MTPs, petri dishes, pots) for easy positioning of the samples

Optional Features

  • Sample holders for pots for easy positioning of the samples
  • Set of pots matching the requirements of ImageAIxpert Pro

Optional Features

  • Rhizotrons configured for use with ImageAIxpert Root
  • Storage rack for Rhizotrons

Optional Accessories (all versions)

  • Image calibration object – ensure constant image quality
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode printer
PhenoAixpert ES Product

Now Available: PhenoAixpert ES

The PhenoAixpert ES is an advanced imaging solution for detection of bioluminescence effects. Bioluminescence is a widely used for reporting gene activity, molecular interactions and plant-microbe interactions.

Optional Accessories

  • Bioluminescence imaging sensor – combined with hi-res RGB imaging for standard phenotypic assessments of the analysed plant material, images from both sensor systems can be superimposed allowing bioluminescence analysis in combination with classical phenotyping.
  • High-sensitivity hi-res imaging sensor with a deep-cooled vacuum CCD sensor for optimised photon collection properties allows precise recording in weak light emissions. The camera is dedicated for long exposure times.

Phenotyping Software Features

  • User-friendly image acquisition, storage and retrieval
  • Easy-to-use image annotation and metadata recording
  • Metadata and annotation directly linked to image
  • Structured image file administration system
  • Easy export of images and data
  • Versatile Phenotyping software with freely definable analysis workflows and example analysis workflows included
  • Customised workflow development (option provided by LemnaTec)

Interested in the PhenoAixpert series? Request a quote or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776 to discuss your requirements.

Example Applications

Bean Phenotyping | PhenoAixpert

  • Bean phenotyping
  • Root phenotyping
  • Phenotyping seedlings on a petri dish
  • Arabidopsis growth assay
  • Plant growth assay
  • Luminescence assay


Suitable Sample Types
Any lab sample that fits into the field of view.


  • Plants in pots
  • Small trays with seedlings
  • Microtiter plates (e.g. leaf disks)
  • Petri-dishes (e.g. with seeds, fungi, insects)
  • Beakers (e.g. for duckweed)
  • Plant parts (e.g. leaves, fruits, roots)

PhenoAixert Pro

  • Plants in pots (primary sample type for imaging from top and side)
  • Small trays with seedlings
  • Plant parts (e.g. leaves, fruits, roots)
  • Sample height up to 40 cm
  • Sample height up to 60 cm with special accessory

PhenoAixpert Root

  • Plants growing in Rhizotrons

PhenoAixpert ES

  • Single plants in pots
  • Small trays or multi-pot pallets with seedlings
  • Microtiter plates or Petri-dishes (e.g. with leaf disks, seeds, fungi, insects, cell and tissue cultures)
  • Beakers (e.g. for duckweed)
  • Plant parts (e.g. leaves, roots, fruits, blossoms)


PDF Icon PhenoAixpert Brochure

PDF Icon PhenoAixpertES Brochure

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Articles & Papers

PDF Icon Real time imaging of bacteria inside living plants

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