CanopyAixpert | Multi-sensor Plant Phenotyping System for Glasshouses and Growth Rooms

Introducing CanopyAIxpert, a cutting-edge multi-camera sensor system designed for precise plant phenotyping in controlled environments like glasshouses, growth rooms, climate chambers, cultivation halls, and indoor farms.

This advanced solution combines rapid automated data collection with state-of-the-art analytical software and machine learning capabilities, revolutionising the study of plant growth.

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Developed by LemnaTec, a global leader in digital phenotyping solutions, this innovative technology not only saves valuable time and labour but also provides a wealth of comprehensive information surpassing traditional visual scoring phenotyping methods. Specifically designed for non-movable, ground-standing plants, whether they thrive in soil, containers or pots, CanopyAIxpert captures imaging data from above the plants, focusing on plant canopies rather than individual specimens.

Featuring dedicated optics and illumination, CanopyAIxpert ensures optimal image quality for precise analysis. The system operates with fixed plant positions, enabling accurate and consistent data collection. Its versatility is unmatched, offering a wide range of imaging and sensing modules to suit different research requirements. From small-scale setups to larger dimensions, CanopyAIxpert adapts effortlessly to diverse plant growth environments.

A key highlight of this system is its unique gantry structure, which supports the mounted sensors and allows  them to traverse the plant area. This dynamic movement ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing data from multiple angles and perspectives. By integrating environmental data, such as temperature, light and air humidity, recorded within the plant growth area, CanopyAIxpert provides a holistic understanding of the phenotypic traits exhibited by the plants. This combined dataset empowers researchers with deeper insights into the relationship between plant development and environmental conditions.


  • Versatile instrument – with a wide range of phenotyping applications, perfect for studying the interactions between plants and their environment.
  • Genotype-phenotype-relations – discover the intricate relationships between genotype and phenotype, advancing research and breeding efforts in the filed of plant science.
  • For non-overlapping plants, this instrument goes beyond canopy-level data, providing detailed information at the plant level. This allows for a deeper understanding of individual plant traits and their response to environmental factors.
  • With its multi-sensor phenotyping capabilities, this instrument combines the power of multiple sensors to gather a wealth data, further enhancing research outcomes. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, it extracts key features from the collected data, providing researchers with meaningful insights and facilitating analysis.
  • To streamline and organise the wealth of plant data, this instrument comes equipped with a comprehensive database. This database serves as a central hub for storing plant data and metadata, enabling easy access, retrieval, and management of valuable information.

Case Study 

Plant Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility CHAP

The LemnaTec overhead phenotyping platform is a crucial component of the CHAP’s Soil Science Unit at Cranfield University. This cutting-edge platform allows researchers to develop and test innovative sensors and sensor protocols within controlled soil-crop systems. By using LemnaTec, scientists can gain valuable insights into plant characteristics and soil health, making significant contributions to the progress of agricultural practices. Read more>

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Product Properties

Gantry system 

  • Two- or three-directional movement
  • Full automation
  •  Scalable design for various room sizes
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Flexible design of experiments

Sensor options – top view cameras

  • Visible light/RGB camera module
  • Near infrared (NIR) camera module
  • Infrared (IR) camera module
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics Module
  • Hyperspectral imaging module
  • Multispectral imaging module
  • Laser scanner

Example Implementations

  1. Vegetation density imaging: Plant canopy imaging with an RGB camera can be processed to determine vegetation cover and plant density per ground area.
  2. Canopy-level plant imaging and analysis: Ground-standing plants – here wheat – were imaged with an RGB camera and the image was processed for counting ears. The information is not gained per individual plant but as canopy data, i.e. as target objects per area.


Three Application-Focused Designs for a Versatile Modular Building Set

Model Type 1 – X-Z Moving Carrier System


Model Type 2 – X-Y-Z Moving Carrier System

Model Type 3 – Compact X-Y-Z Moving Carrier System for Climate Chambers


PDF Icon CanopyAixpert Brochure

Software Technology

The CanopyAIxpert comes with a comprehensive software package. The software allows users to control the system and program workflows for their samples. Users can define the samples and provide information such as species, genotype, treatment, or other grouping parameters. They can also choose the imaging principles and adjust settings like exposure and white balance for the available cameras.

Once the imaging is done, all the data is stored and easily accessible for further processing. We provide LemnaGrid, a user-programmable image processing toolbox that offers a wide range of functions to handle, analyse, and process different types of image data. Users can create analytical workflows by combining functions on a graphical interface. Additionally, we offer custom analyses for user-generated images, including machine learning procedures.

With LemnaAIxplorer, users can access and visualize all the images, analyses, and related data. It provides tabulating and plotting functions, as well as image browsing. Data can be exported as CSV files or directly sent to standard databases.

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