Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec sensors are designed for small, hand-launched UAVs – from octocopters to fixed-wing aircraft.

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of Headwall Photonics’ market leading imaging spectrometers and spectral instrumentation.

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Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec airborne sensors are exceptionally small, light, and optically precise. Standard Micro-Hyperspec has versions for the VNIR (380-1000nm), Extended VNIR (550-1700nm), NIR (900-1700nm) and SWIR (900-2500nm) spectral ranges. High Efficiency Micro-Hyperspec provides extremely high diffraction efficiency in its VNIR, NIR and SWIR versions. The A-Series, E-Series, X-Series, and M-Series sensors are available in Standard and High Efficiency designs.

Micro-Hyperspec offers optimised performance for the most demanding UAV and UGV applications. Headwall’s focus is on providing very small, lightweight, and robust hyperspectral imaging instruments capable of being deployed in harsh environments.

Micro-Hyperspec sensors are particularly well suited for applications where high spectral/spatial resolution and high dynamic range are key performance parameters. Micro-Hyperspec is also optimised for minimum size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP), making it perfectly suited for missions where payload restrictions are critical.

In order to minimise stray light and aberrations, transmissive optical components such as prisms are not used. Further enhancements include a telecentric optical input design that enables excellent spectral and spatial imaging with superb spectral uniformity. Also, an athermalised design means the sensor and optics are temperature insensitive for use across a wide range of environments.

Micro-Hyperspec (Standard and High-Efficiency versions) are available in the following configurations, which differ with respect to the number of spectral and spatial bands, frame rate, interface type, and FPA technology. Please refer to the datasheets for more information.

Standard Micro-Hyperspec configurations:

  • VNIR A-Series
  • VNIR E-Series
  • NIR B-Series
  • Extended VNIR B-Series
  • SWIR M-Series

High-Efficiency Micro-Hyperspec configurations

  • VNIR E-Series
  • NIR B-Series
  • SWIR M-Series

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  • Remote SensingInfinite Jib CICERO X8 carrying the Headwall Photonics Micro Hyperspec Camera
  • Airborne Solutions
  • Geology & Mining



Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec lightweight sensor aboard the Infinite JIb CICERO X8, along with a Velodyne LiDAR and a SBG GPS/IMU. The completely integrated airborne package provides remotely controlled image data collection and orthorectification for critical remote-sensing applications.


PDF Icon Micro-Hyperspec UAV Datasheet

PDF Icon Turnkey and Payload Packages Datasheet 


Application Notes

 PDF Icon Headwall and Alava Remote Sensing Spectral Solution (ARS)

 PDF Icon Hyperspectral Imaging – Airborne Remote Sensing

 PDF Icon Hyperspectral Imaging – Mining & Mineral Exploration


 PDF Icon Airborne Hyperspectral and Ground-Truth Technologies

 PDF Icon Hyperspectral Imaging for Remote Sensing Applications

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