The NANO-flex® is a nanoparticle measurement system for particle size distribution with 180° Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

The nanoparticle measurement system is designed for characterisation of colloids by dynamic light scattering within a size range of 0.3 nm to 10 µm. Depending on the sample, it is possible to perform analysis from very low concentration up to as high as 40%. The NANO-flex® nanoparticle measurement system can be connected with the Stabino® system for simultaneous size distribution, zeta potential and titration/stability measurements.

Analytik delivers zeta potential/stability/nanoparticle size analysers to the UK and Ireland from Particle Metrix.

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The NANO-flex nanoparticle measurement system

The NANO-flex® is a nanoparticle measurement system for particle size distribution with 180° Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

Particle Size Distributions

The NANO-flex® 180° DLS System measures size distributions in the range of 0.3 nm to 10 µm.

The applied heterodyne 180° back scattering principle of the Nanotrac® is characterised by its high selectivity in the nano-range and is therefore also suitable for samples with broad size distribution. Furthermore, the resolution is impressive. Highly concentrated samples are measured without interfering multiple scattering.

The applied Nanotrac® back scattering in the NANO-flex® is designed as a flexible measuring probe with 8 mm ø. Thus, it can be used in many ways, even in-situ and in the measuring cylinder of the Stabino®!

NANO-flex Applications

Key Benefits:

  • 180° heterodyne dynamic light scattering (shortest light path in the sample giving no multiple light scattering)
  • Measurement in a variable concentration range (0.01 up to 40%) from 0.3nm to 10um particle size.
  • Dip in probe offering online in-situ size measurements
  • Solvent resistance
  • Used in combination with Stabino® for simultaneous size, zeta potential and titration/stability measurements

The 180° DLS–Method

The laser is focused to the sample via an optical fiber and a sapphire window. The window reflects a part of the incoming laser light. Both, laser reflection and scattered light interfere at the detector diode. Due to the excellent signal/noise ratio, there is no need for an expensive detection system.

In-situ ApplicationsThe NANO-flex pressure measurement cell

Inserted in a reactor or in the sample circuit of a milling system the probe delivers in-situ size information. When the probe is kept by a roboter arm, multiple sampling is possible. Customised solutions may be offered on demand.

DLS Applications

DLS applications with the NANO-flex® nanoparticle measurement system module are almost unlimited, provided the viscosity of the sample is in the Newtonian range, a condition for the free Brownian movement in the fluid and for the accurate calculation of the size. The liquid medium of the particles can be of organic or aqueous nature. The critical coagulation point of a dispersion can be determined by measurement of size and potential with the Stabino®. For this purpose, the NANO-flex® size sensor is dipped into the Stabino® measuring cylinder.

Request a quote for the NANO-flex® or call on +44(0)1954 232 776.


  • Reagglomeration controlConcentration and size measurement with NANO-flex®
  • Functional end group formulation
  • Core shell design
  • Colloid stability optimisation
  • Dispersing efficiency development
  • Optimum coating applications
  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Water research


NANO-flex® – Size sensor everywhere

NANO-flex® Measurement Principle


The Duo Stabino / NANO-flex

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Technical/Application Notes

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News & User Stories

News Icon The European Centre for Dispersion Technology (EZD) uses the Combination of Stabino® & NANO-flex® (DUO-S) for the Characterization of various Dispersions

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