Hyperspec III Software with SpectralView™

Hyperspec III software is extremely versatile, using the industry-standard CameraLink and USB interfaces while supporting Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux operating systems.

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Hyperspec III Software with SpectralView™

Hyperspec® III software with SpectralView™ is extremely versatile, using the industry standard CameraLink and USB interfaces while supporting Windows 7 and Linux operating systems. It implements seamlessly into everything from advanced machine vision systems to airborne applications and interfaces with all of Headwall’s hyperspectral sensors. The SpectralView functionality within Hyperspec III software allows users to easily open, manipulate, interpret and manage the hyperspectral data cubes formed by Headwall’s sensor hardware.

Across all operating situations, Hyperspec III software provides high frame rates in excess of 400 fps and is multi-threaded for simultaneous processing and scalability. In a machine-vision application, for example, Hyperspec III software integrates with downstream robotics via FTP and socket messaging. For airborne applications, orthorectification is crucial when capturing hyperspectral data. Hyperspec III software interfaces with GPS devices to make this possible and to allow for precise calibration and start/stop data capture (which can also be triggered using a time-based method). Also, multiple sensors can be simultaneously controlled by Hyperspec III software. Regardless of the application, Hyperspec III software manages all camera parameters and motion-control features such as pan-and-tilt as well as Headwall’s Starter Kit with moving web.

Hyperspec III software allows airborne remote sensing applications to be fully automated with respect to sensor control and operation. Hyperspec III software with SpectralView is hosted on Headwall’s Hyperspec Data Processing Unit (HDPU), which is available in standard and lightweight airborne versions. Multiple display options exist within Hyperspec III software, including histogram and waterfall modes. Valuable post-processing tasks such as airborne orthorectification are also possible.

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