Nano-Plotter Microarray Printer

The Nano-Plotter™ Microarray Printer series is ideal for generating high-quality spots by non-contact dispensing of sub-nanolitre volumes. Ideal applications include the printing of DNA, proteins, cells and much more.

With a unique proprietary dispenser design, GeSiM’s micropippetting instruments are undoubtedly the most flexible and highest precision arrayers available on the market. The instrument uses up to 16 piezoelectric micropipets and offers a number of accessories such as chillers and cameras for a truly customised solution.

As the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland, Analytik is proud to supply the Nano-Plotter™ from GeSiM. Through Analytik, you’ll have access to our team of experts to help develop your application and get the most out of your investment.

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The Nano-Plotter series are ideal for generating high-quality spots by non-contact dispensing of sub-nanolitre volumes. The highly versatile “drop on demand” piezoelectric technology allows the placement of drops onto a variety of substrates with outstanding precision, and also the mixing of samples into pre-filled cavities to run nano-assays.

These compact instruments are your ideal solution for the development and production of biochips and for many other liquid handling tasks.

Key Features:

  • Small footprint
  • Quiet, smooth, vibration free yet rapid operation
  • Excellent spot quality
  • No impact on sensitive surfaces through touch-less technology e.g. protein solutions
  • Variation of volume dosage to as low as 0.1 nL without changing the tip
  • High reproducibility and low CV between spots
  • Flexibility to create arbitrary spot patterns with arbitrary print head configurations
  • Handles wide diversity of different sample types
  • Unique humidifying and chilling technology (dew point pipetting) prevents evaporation
  • Highly effective washing and cleaning system
  • Modular design for easy after-sales upgrades
  • Dust cover included
  • Z-sensor for height profile measurements
  • “Drop on demand” technology (non-contact spotting)
  • 1 – 16 independent piezoelectric pipetting tips with full fluidic control
  • Spotting on the fly (spotting without stopping)
  • Dispensers for large volumes or viscous media/ adhesives (e.g. VERMES)

Note: GeSiM products are highly amenable to customisation. Their expert technicians will adapt components to integrate their systems into specific robotic or other automated user applications.

Interested in the Nano-Plotter™? Request a quote or call us on +44(0)1954 232 776 to discuss your requirements.


  • DNA and protein arraysNano-Plotter In Action
  • Cell pipetting / tissue arrays
  • Miniaturised assays
  • Bio sensors
  • Large-scale chip production
  • Accurate spotting onto micro-needle arrays
  • Image recognition
  • Cell lysate microarrays
  • Mixing of droplets in flight


Introducing the Nano-Plotter Microarray Printer


PDF Icon GeSIM Nano-Plotter Brochure

PDF Icon GeSiM Nano-Plotter Datasheet

PDF Icon GeSiM Nano-Plotter Technical Datasheet

PDF Icon GeSiM Nano-Plotter Product Overview

News & User Stories

PDF Icon Analytik reports on the Babraham Institute, using the Nano-Plotter to produce DNA and protein arrays

PDF Icon Analytik reports on the use of a GeSiM Nano-Plotter system at the University of Greenwich

PDF Icon Analytik reports on SESMOS, using the Nano-Plotter in the development and production of biosensors

PDF Icon Nanolitre liquid dispensing – Non contact Piezoelectric Micropipetting Technology

PDF Icon Integrating Micro and Macro Technology: Microfluidic Liquid Handling Instrumentation from GeSiM: Ultra Precise, Non-Contact, Nano Litre Dispensing

Product Recommendations

“Excellent device for the application of accurate and reproducible coatings on medical devices. Our group is very impressed with the effectiveness and accuracy of the Nanoplotter. It played a significant role to the successful completion of our INTERREG IVA 2 seas funded project by the EU.”

Prof. Dennis Douroumis, Reader in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Greenwich University; Director, Centre for Innovation and Process Engineering and Research (CIPER)

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