Introducing the Hyperspec® Solar-Induced Fluorescence Imaging Sensor for Environmental Monitoring Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements

The Award-winning Hyperspec® SIF Sensor

Specifically designed for Chlorophyll Fluorescence imaging, the Hyperspec®  Solar-Induced Fluorescence Imaging (SIF) Sensor from Headwall Photonics is ideal for remote sensing, particularly for environmental monitoring meaning where high-resolution chlorophyll fluorescence measurements are vital.

Unique Features & Benefits 


Due to its small and compact design, the Hyperspec®  Solar-Induced Fluorescence Imaging Sensor is the only commercially available SIF system that can be mounted and flown on a drone – reducing operating time and cost.


Photosynthesis measurement is key to monitor whether external factors are harmful or beneficial to plant health. Symptoms can be detected using SIF sensor before they become visible by eye, preventing further damage to crop health.

Unparalleled Spectral & Spatial Resolution

With sub-nm resolution, high spatial resolution and optimal wavelength range, the sensor can image, as well as detect, Solar-Induced Fluorescence signal.

CE Certified

The sensor is CE certified and can be reliably operated aboard a manned aircraft or UAV. We provide a number of UAV options to best suit your requirements.

Other Features

  • Rugged construction for airborne or field use
  • Wavelength and radiometrically calibrated
  • SWaP optimized for deployment on manned aircraft
  • Compatible with deployment on tower/tripod and UAV

Why Choose the Headwall SIF Imaging Sensor?

  • Award-winning product & manufacturer
  • Effective and reliable
  • Low stray light
  • Low dark current

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