Nanoencapsulation Used To Create Revolutionary Health Beverages and Supplements

Marcus Mollinga, Omegawater, YourZookie, nanoencapsulation, health
Mollinga with his nanoencapsulation creation, Omegawater. Credit: BQ Live.

Whilst recovering from an injury gained playing Rugby for Lancaster Boy’s Grammar School, Marcus Mollinga used Omega3 tablets to help with the healing process.

The Fish Oil tablets are known for their health benefits, providing a rich source of the fatty acid Omega3, which has proven to improve joint health. However, like many of those who seek the benefits of taking fish oil tablets, Marcus found that after consumption, they leave a profound after taste and “fishy burps”. Despite knowing the health advantages of these tablets, Marcus found these side effects to be off putting, and knowing he wasn’t alone in his distaste for having fishy breath, he sought out to develop a product that provides the nutrients but lacks the unpleasant ‘fishiness’.

This is where nanoencapsulation comes in. Marcus needed a technology that could create an emulsion to mask the smell and taste of the pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Once he discovered nanoencapsulation, Marcus began the development of Omegawater and he quotes after implementing the technology “12 months later I have the finished product”.

Marcus’s finished product Omegawater, has the highest levels of Vitamin A, D, E, Omega3 EPA DHA of ANY health drink on the market today. He says “Our main aim is to provide generally health conscious individuals with a healthy alternate to unnatural beverages that are high in sugar and additives”.

Omegawater, sugar comparison, nutritional information, nanoencapsulation
Omegawater's nutritional properties in comparison to well known drinks. Photo Credit: Omegawater
yourzookie, nanoencapsulation
Marcus's new brand YourZookie which also utilises nanoencapsulation

Since then, Marcus has expanded and evolved his business by founding YourZooki alongside University of Manchester graduate Jack Morrison. YourZookie uses the same principles of Omegawater, in the way it uses nano-encapsulation to create a tasty product that has the unprecedented nutritional values that come from natural sources.

Analytik provides Microfluidics nano-encapsulation technology capable of facilitating the production of products such as Omegawater and YourZookie. Find out more about Microfluidics’ nanoencapsulation technology by clicking the button below.


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