Revolutionising Plant Phenotyping with LemnaTec’s HyperAIxpert Imaging System

The LemnaTec HyperAIxpert is a multi-sensor imaging system that can take pictures of different types of samples, including MTPs, petri dishes, and small trays and pots, with a height limit of 20 cm. The cameras are flexible and can be easily moved to different positions for imaging. The system can take various measurements such as RGB, Chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, and 3D laser scanning. With LemnaExperiment and LemnaGrid, the imaging capabilities of the HyperAIexpert enable comprehensive morphological and physiological  phenotyping, making it useful for genetic screening, compound screening, quality assessments, and studies on the interaction of plants with microbes or environmental factors. Find out more

HyperAixpert Model
HypertAixpert Applications

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