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We provide cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to leading organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Browse solutions below, or contact us to discuss your requirements with a product specialist.


Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

We provide fully integrated, cutting-edge, out of the box airborne hyperspectral imaging solutions from Headwall Photonics.

Particle Characterisation

We provide a range of particle characterisation instruments for analysing size, shape, concentration and size distribution.

High Shear Homogenisation

Microfluidizer® Processor High Shear Homogenisers for uniform nanoemulsions, cell disruption and uniform particle size reduction.

Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors

A unique, patented chemical reactor series that produce high-purity, uniform substances using Taylor Fluid Flow.

Remote Sensing

Market-leading high performance solutions for the rapid collection of field spectra and accurate remote sensing data.

Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® cell disruptors rupture various cell types with faster processing, high protein yield and fully scalable, reliable operation.

Vaccine Development & Production

Discover market-leading fluid processing technology for the production of pharmaceutical therapeutics and vaccines.

Tissue Engineering & Regeneration

The BioScaffolder is a unique, cutting-edge 3D bioprinter series for advanced tissue engineering and regeneration applications.

Calibration Standards & Targets

A wide variety of calibrated standards for optical spectrometry and other optical radiation measurements, with customised solutions also available.

Creating Nanoemulsions

Microfluidizer® Processors offer a scalable solution for creating nanoemulsions  and have earned trust in research & production.

Lipid Nanoparticle Production

Microfluidizer® Processors provide a pioneering solution for the manufacture of LNPs, from lab-scale to commercial production.

Industries & Markets

Precision Agriculture Research

From crop disease detection to soil research, we offer accurate, reliable solutions for some of the challenges faced within the industry.

Conservation & Heritage Research

Our solutions enable academics and conservators to analyse artefacts and artwork using non-invasive and non-destructive techniques.

Environmental Monitoring & Mining

Hyperspectral imaging, ground truthing and spectroscopy for environmental monitoring and mineral exploration applications.

Battery Materials Production

LCTR® technology offers unique benefits for battery development and production, including the ability to scale up.

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