National Graphene Institute publishes paper regarding graphene-based surface heater for de-icing applications

Analytik client Nazim Karim of the National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester, publishes his latest paper featuring use of  Microfluidics instrumentation to produce specialist inks.

The paper discusses how graphene-based de-icing composites are of great interest due to incredible thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of graphene and explains how current technologies possess a number of challenges such as expensive, high power consumption, limited life time and adding extra weight to the composites. The paper documents a scalable process of making highly conductive graphene-based glass fibre rovings for de-icing applications.

Karim, Nazmul & Zhang, Minglonghai & Afroj, Shaila & Koncherry, Vivek & Potluri, Prasad & S Novoselov, Kostya. (2018). Graphene-based surface heater for de-icing applications. RSC Advances. 8. 10.1039/c8ra02567c.


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