Customer Success Story: OmniSpirant Therapeutics – Characterising EVs with ZetaView NTA

We caught up with Celine Larkin, Scientist at OmniSpirant Therapeutics, to find out how the ZetaView NTA Analyser is supporting their work with EV characterisation.

Primarily responsible for EV characterisation within the team, Celine oversees EV aerosolization and categorisation, which includes size analysis and distribution, concentration and surface charge analysis, and optimising their method of delivery with Aerogen.

Talking about the challenges the team were facing prior to purchasing the ZetaView, Celine said, “I was using TRPS (Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing) prior to using the ZetaView. While TRPS can have its advantages, it could not provide us with the reproducibility, accuracy, and reliability that we needed.

We first became aware of the ZetaView after hearing about it at multiple major EV conferences, along with its routine appearance in our literature searches. In comparison to other methods, the ZetaView was able to Speed, number of runs, reproducibility, accuracy and reliability were major factors in our decision to purchase the ZetaView. Additionally, with the added benefits of F-NTA and the ability to visualise the sample, which proved to be of utmost value to us, it made the ZetaView an easy choice.

Analytik have provided us with speedy, reliable and friendly customer service at every step. They have gone above and beyond to help us with any minor issues that we’ve experienced and solved our problems quickly.
EV characterisation is the first step in all our processes for all of our products. The ZetaView has allowed us to determine size, concentration, and zeta potential reliably and accurately with ease at every step.

Celine Larkin, Scientist at OmniSpirant Therapeutics

In comparison to other products available on the market the ZetaView was most suited to our needs for the reasons outlined above, and we felt it would be easy to incorporate into our processes. Anaytik and Particle Metrix have also given us the gold standard in customer service from day one, with fast response times and helpful information provided by their technical team.”

Celine later explained how they plan to utilise NTA technology in the future and the wider impact they hope it will have. She said, “We plan to incorporate the ZetaView into our upstream and downstream processing for our pipeline of products that are currently in development. At OmniSpirant, we believe our technology has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of patients. We have created a bold new approach to treat currently incurable respiratory diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Our planned pipeline of advanced therapies intersect regenerative medicine and gene therapy in the hope of treating these devastating lung diseases of severely unmet patient need.

Our patent pending platform technology (OmniSomes) is based on inhaled bioengineered stem cell exosomes (extracellular vesicles) which are capable of efficient intracellular delivery of a variety of RNA and protein based therapeutic cargoes to effectively treat these diseases at the required level of complexity. By incorporating the Zetaview into our process development it will allow our engineered stem cell exosomes to be developed for first in class regenerative gene therapies for cystic fibrosis (OS001) and lung cancer (OS003).”

Then added, “The ability to visualise our entire sample of EVs and see their behaviour and movement in real- time has been very valuable to us and has allowed us to make important discoveries that otherwise would not have been achievable. EV characterisation is the first step in all our processes for all of our products. The ZetaView has allowed us to determine size, concentration, and zeta potential reliably and accurately with ease at every step.”

zetaview x30 series

The ZetaView® is a unique Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) instrument for measuring hydrodynamic particle size, zeta potential, concentration, fluorescence and colocalization.


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