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Analytik and its manufacturing partners continue to work during the current world health crisis. In response to the new national restrictions announced 4th January 2021, the Analytik team will once again be largely working remotely. Read more >

Specialists in providing and supporting pioneering technology

Analytik specialises in cutting-edge scientific instruments for Spectroscopy, Spectral Imaging, Remote SensingParticle Characterisation, High Shear Homogenisation, Continuous Flow Chemical ReactorsDigital Phenotyping & Imaging and more.

We source from specialised global technology partners and deliver added value through our knowledge and expertise of products, markets and applications – enabling us to build strong long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We work with a wide range of organisations, from multi-national corporations to prestigious academic and government research institutes, and are proud of the reputation we have developed for excellent customer service and post-sale support.

Featured Product

Microfluidizer Processor Cell Disruptors

Microfluidizer® cell disruptors are ideally suited to rupturing various cell types, including bacterial, yeasts, insect, mammalian, plant and algae cells, due to the wide and controlled shear rate range they can apply to the sample.

This control enables researchers to optimise the process parameters to achieve effective rupture rates while minimising the excess energy introduction to the system and avoiding denaturation of delicate proteins.

Case Study

We approached Analytik to find a replacement for a high-pressure homogeniser from another manufacturer, which had been unreliable and failed to achieve sufficient lysis of our tough yeast cells even after very many passes. We selected the LM20 Microfluidizer not only because it efficiently lysed a broad range of cell types but also was incredibly simple and easy to use which is very important as many different people need to use the machine regularly.

Dr Petra Ungerer, Lab Manager, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University London

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