You’re invited: bring your samples for free analysis at GRSG!

On the 9th – 12th of December, Analytik will be exhibiting with partner Headwall Photonics at the GRSG Annual Conference, at the Geological Society, London. If you’re heading to the conference this year we’d like to invite you to join us for a live demonstration of the Headwall Micro-Hyperspectral SWIR sensor and Lab Scanning System, or just to come and say hello!

Visit us in the Upstairs Council Room

Throughout the event we’ll be showcasing our hyperspectral imaging solutions and portable spectroradiometry and spectroscopy solutions for geological applications. We’ll be there on hand with Headwall representative Francesco Beccari to answer any technical questions.

Measure your samples for FREE

The Micro-Hyperspec SWIR Imaging Spectrometer provides unparalleled spectral and spatial performance in the short wave infrared spectral region of 950 to 2500nm. We’re inviting attendees to bring your own samples for analysing, for FREE!

Conference tickets are available from £216.19 for non-members or £151.51 for members.


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