Webinar: Particle size characterization of polymers, paint & coatings

On 21st April 2022, CPS Instruments Inc. hosted a free to attend webinar exploring particle size characterization of polymers, paint & coatings hosted by inventor of the CPS Disc Centrifuge, Stephen Fitzpatrick.

The Disc Centrifuge from CPS Instruments accurately measures the particle size (distribution) of polymers, paint, ink & coatings, among other things, by means of differential sedimentation. The Disc Centrifuge measures the particle size in very high resolution (0.005 – 50 microns), has a high sensitivity and accuracy and allows a fast analysis. The instrument is widely used for R&D and quality control of polymer dispersion of waterborne paint (latex), coatings, inks (both water-based and solvent). Steve Fitzpatrick, inventor of the CPS Disc Centrifuge and CEO of CPS Instruments will be presenting this free webinar. After the presentation there will be time to ask questions.

CPS Disc Centrifuge


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