Webinar Recording: Gain Competitive Edge in Cosmetic Manufacturing

Date: 28 March 2024

Time: 12:00 – 13:00 GMT


Today’s cosmetic consumers demand high-performing products that deliver exceptional results. Join us as we delve into the strategies necessary to meet these demands and gain a competitive advantage in the cosmetic industry.

In this session, we will explore the importance of stable nanoemulsions, liposome formations, and other applications in manufacturing superior cosmetic products with extended shelf-life.

Host: Daljit Singh, Sales Director – Microfluidics and MPT Mixing

Speaker: Dr. Yang Su, Manager, New Technology and Applications at Microfluidics International Corporation

About Dr. Yang Su:

Dr. Yang Su brings over a decade of expertise in the field of cosmetic manufacturing technology. As the Manager of New Technology and Applications at Microfluidics International Corporation, he spearheads the development and promotion of cutting-edge Microfluidizer® technology. With a Ph.D. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and extensive experience in numerical simulations, Dr. Su is a trusted authority in the industry.

Join us for this insightful webinar to uncover the challenges faced by leading cosmetic companies and the solutions needed to produce top-tier products. Register now to secure your spot!


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