Introducing the Stabino Zeta Potential Analyser for optimising the stability of colloids and dispersions

Introducing the Stabino®  Zeta Potential Analyser

From German manufacturer Colloid Metrix, the Stabino® II is a second generation zeta potential instrument for analysing and optimising the stability of colloids and dispersions, based on measurement of streaming potential.

Unique Features & Benefits

Streaming Potential method to calculate Zeta Potential

Employing a unique oscillating piston design, the Stabino incorporates rapid pH and polyelectrolyte titrations for investigation of stable pH regions, Iso-Electric Point (IEP), charge density and surface functionalisation. Zeta potential can be measured even with high conductivity buffers.

‘Mix and measure’ principle

Continuous, rapid mixing of the sample and the titration solution prevents sedimentation and enables a charge titration to be completed in minutes.

Non-optical method

Its non-optical method means the system is compatible with a wide range of concentrations (1-40% w/v), larger particle sizes (up to 300 microns), non-spherical particles, optically absorbing particles/samples and even (air) bubbles.

Built-in automated Titration functionality

Utilising intuitive software, users are able to conduct automated titrations across a continuous range, with complete control over optimised titration rates. The system is suitable for high viscosity and high concentration sample types.

5 simultaneous measurements

With each measuring point, the Stabino provides information about conductivity, zeta potential, streaming potential, temperature and pH level.

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Other Benefits

  • Fast measurements – optimised so that quality assurance or formulation parameters can be determined within seconds.
  • Easy operation – easy-to-use and intuitive, just pour in 1 – 10 mL sample into the Teflon sample beaker, open the software and start measuring!
  • No preliminary sample info required – get straight to measuring with the Stabino®
  • Measures during the titration – tracks your entire titration or measurement in real time, for each titrated droplet the system records a measuring point in the graph including all 5 measurement parameters.
  • Adaptive titration speed– titration speed can be adjusted for sample reaction rates, enabling you to define standard operating procedures.
  • Measure sedimenting samples – possible to the Stabino’s unique oscillating piston design
  • Market-leading post-sales support – from both Analytik and Colloid Metrix

Ideal Applications

  • Determination of surface charge
  • Functional end-group formulation
  • Core shell design
  • Formulation optimisation
  • Stable pH regions
  • Iso-Electric Point (IEP) determination
  • Prediction of shelf-life
  • Quality control

Key Industries

  • Ceramics
  • Inks/pigments/paints/coatings
  • Catalysts
  • Waste water
  • Nano-metals
  • Materials & Carbon materials
  • Minerals
  • Pharmacy

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