Stabino™ Product Range Transfers from Colloid Metrix to Microtrac MRB

Having acquired the Stabino™ product line from Colloid Metrix in February 2022, it has been announced that the Stabino II zeta potential instrumentation for analysing the stability of colloids and dispersions previously developed and owned by Colloid Metrix, has now been wholly transferred to Microtrac MRB.

Analytik continues as the UK and Ireland distribution partner to Colloid Metrix, representing the NANO-flex Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument, however responsibility for sales and support of the Stabino II range now transfers to Microtrac MRB, represented in the UK by Verder Scientific UK Ltd. Both Analytik and Verder Scientific UK Ltd are jointly committed to ensuring current and prospective future Stabino customers in the UK and Ireland are supported professionally and efficiently.

Existing Stabino™ customers will be contacted by a member of the Analytik team who will explain how you will be supported moving forward. Any future Stabino™ sales enquiries should be directed to:

Verder Scientific UK Ltd
Parsons Lane Hope
S33 6RB Hope Valley
+44 (0)845 458 5196

Stabino | zeta potential analyser


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