The All New MP350 Microlyser™ Processor: Production Scale Cell Disruption Technology – now available in the UK & Ireland

We are pleased to share the latest innovation from Microfluidics: the MP350 Enhanced Biopharma Grade Microlyser™ processor, specially designed for cell disruption. Engineered to tackle the most complex challenges in production scale manufacturing, this groundbreaking cell disruptor features Microfluidics’ Interaction Chamber™ technology and a patented sanitary electric pumping system.

What sets the MP350 apart? Designed with full cGMP compliance and guarantees high-yield cell distribution results every time.

Embrace the future of biopharma manufacturing with the MP350 Microlyser™ Processor!

MP350 Microlyser™ Specifications 

  • Pressure Range – Up to 2068 bar (up to 30,000 PSI)
  • Flowrate – Up to 300 Iph @ 2068 bar (5.0 – 5.2 Ipm/ 300 Iph)
  • Feed Temperature (Max) – 70 °c
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 73″ x 37″ x 71″ (185 cm x 95 cm x 180 cm)
  • Weight – 1800kg

◊To learn more about how MP350 Microlyser™ Processor can help with production scale cell disruption, please get in touch with our Sales Specialist James Anderson or email


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