VideometerLab Multispectral Imaging System

VideometerLab 4 is a multispectral imaging system designed for fast and accurate determination of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition. The easy-to-use instrument provides a rapid assessment of uniform and non-homogeneous samples by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the sample intact.

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of Videometer’s multispectral imaging systems for accurate measurement of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the Videometer team, based in Herlev, Denmark. Visit our contact page, request a quote, or call us on +44 (0)1954 232 776.


VideometerLab 4

VideometerLab 4 is a vision-based lab analyser designed for fast and accurate determination of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

The easy-to-use system integrates illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. VideometerLab 4 provides a rapid assessment of uniform and non-homogeneous samples by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the sample intact.

Using strobed LED technology VideometerLab 4 combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single high-resolution multispectral image. Every pixel in the image is a spectrum and the system can include wavelengths outside the range detected by traditional RGB technology.

Why use VideometerLab 4?

Currently, the non-destructive investigation of materials with non-uniform colour and texture can be difficult, tedious and expensive. Conventional techniques such as NIR spectroscopy only measure a single point or average over a fixed area and do not give an objective overall assessment of visual quality.

Studies have shown that VideometerLab 4 is as accurate as a test panel with significantly higher repeatability, removing subjective judgement. Specific areas of special interest such as shape, size or texture can be studied automatically.

The choice of illumination wavelength ensures each application can be optimised and using LEDs in the UV or NIR adds information not visible to the human eye. As an example, most objects are white or transparent in the NIR region, which allows for the separation of the colour and surface properties of the object.

Key Features:

  • Integrating sphere provides homogeneous and diffuse illumination
  • Multispectral analysis in less than 6 seconds
  • Up to 19 spectral bands in the range 375 nm to 970 nm
  • Fluorescence option available
  • Black and white high resolution CCD camera (2056×2056 pixels)
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio by individual and automated adjustments of
    the light intensity in each wavelength band
  • Improved colour determination compared to traditional RGB technology
  • Increased stability due to strobed LED source technology

Technical Specifications:

VideometerLab 4
Light sources 19 high power LEDs emitting wavelengths from 375 to 970 nm
and one extra channel for optional illumination
Camera  1600 x 1200 pixels camera.
Customisation using 2056 x 2056 pixels camera or higher
Optics Special full-spectrum lens.
Dynamic range Optimised according to the application using autolight setup
Sample size Height max. 90 mm, diameter of inspection opening 110 mm
Analysis time 6 seconds including movement, capture of 20 wavelengths and data processing.
Customisation with multiple accumulations of images or long time exposure.
This may increase the signal-to-noise ratio at the cost of acquisition time.
Dimensions 490-585 mm (h) × 420 mm (w) × 590 mm (d)
Weight (net) 14.1 kg
Power supply 90 – 260 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Power consumption 300 VA
Ambient temperature Operation: 5 – 40 °C, Storage: -5 – 50 °C
Ambient humidity 20 – 90 % RH non condensing
Hardware options – Darkfield backlight illumination
– Brightfield backlight illumination
– Vibratory feeder
– Barcode reader
Software options – Multispectral imaging toolbox
– Image processing toolbox
– Multispectral imaging toolbox for MATLAB®
– Application modules

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VideometerLab 3 can measure colour, texture, shape, size, orientation and gloss, providing product and process information in many areas.
Shown below is a limited selection of VideometerLab 3 applications, details of a great many more are available:

  • Food and FeedFusarium Detection
    Product conformity, quality grading, contamination, shelf life / spoilage and formulation studies of bread, biscuits, snack foods, cheese, meat, seafood, sugar, fruit and vegetables.
  • Grains and Seeds
    Fusarium detection, hydration and germination studies for brewing and malting. Counterfeit and adulteration testing. Variety checks and auto seed sorting by size, shape, colour and translucency.
  • PharmaceuticalsOut of range tablet identification
    Screening for contaminated materials and out of specification product including shape, colour, impurities, chipping and cracks. Counterfeits detected by drug and packaging analysis.
  • Dermatology and Cosmetics
    Assists dermatological diagnosis and assessment. Separation of skin and hair, psoriasis scoring, freckle detection and skin sensitisation analysis. Wear analysis of lipstick, foundation and sunscreen
  • Conservation and HeritageThe Elder Westrogothic (Västgöta) Law manuscript analysis
    Ideal for non-destructive, unobtrusive studies of historical artefacts such as manuscripts and metal objects to highlight previously unseen detail. In-situ pigment analysis of paintings.
  • Forensics
    Fingerprint analysis on difficult backgrounds and irregular surfaces, questioned document examination, substance matching and trace powder identification.
  • Biological Sciences
    Microbiological culture monitoring and automation. Separation of colonies into species and phenotype, distinguishing live colonies from foreign matter. Auto identification of pathogens.
  • Surfaces and Materials
    Texture and colour of paper, coatings, metal and ceramics. Extensive textiles analysis including texture, colour, weave, fuzz and pill, dose response and enzymatic treatment efficiency.



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PDF Icon VideometerLab 4 Datasheet

Application Notes

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PDF Icon How to Tackle an Unknown: Notes from the Fourth Method Development Olympics at CoSMoS

News & User Stories

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Service & Support

PDF Icon Videometer Service & Support Brochure

Laboratory of Government Chemist
LGC is a British independent, science-based service company providing chemical, biochemical and DNA based analysis.

Knowledge Transfer Network – Biosciences
Driving the conversion of the UK’s bioscience knowledge into innovative agricultural, food and industrial bioscience products and processes.

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