Revolutionise physiological phenotyping with the power of spectral imaging…

Join us for a free-to-attend webinar on Tuesday 13th September at 12:00 BST (13:00 CEST)

Multi- and hyperspectral imaging can detect how much light is reflected from the surface of a plant. As plants have pigments – that’s why they look green – not all light wavelengths are reflected in the same way. While minor changes in physiology are unlikely to cause detectable variations in the overall look of a plant, they do cause changes in light absorption at distinct wavelengths. A spectral view can help to reveal impacts of environmental factors, pathogen infections and physiological disorders.

LemnaTec product picture

In this webinar, Dr Marcus Jansen, Chief Scientist at LemnaTec, will explain the benefits of utilising spectral imaging for plant phenotyping and provide an introduction to LemnaTec’s unique PhenoAIxpert systems which use Multispectral and fluorescence imaging for advanced physiological phenotyping.

The webinar will last approximately 30 minutes, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions afterward in a short Q&A. To attend, please register here:


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