MHRA selects RxSpec700z for drug anti-counterfeiting program

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Michael Boardman from the MHRA with the new RxSpecz700z portable NIR systemMHRA selects RxSpec700z for drug anti-counterfeiting program

Cambridge, UK, 16th June 2011: The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has selected the RxSpec700z Portable Counterfeit Drug Analyser from ASD Inc. to support their anti-counterfeiting activities.

The MHRA team’s research, led by Dr Ged Lee, the Group Manager of British Pharmacopoeia and Laboratory Services Group, and Andrew Charvill, Analytical Assessor of the Medicines Testing Scheme, is focussing on identifying and characterising counterfeit drugs using a range of spectroscopic techniques. Lee and Charvill chose the RxSpec700Z to complement their range of laboratory based instruments.

The fully portable RxSpec700Z combines a research grade near infrared (Vis-NIR) spectrometer, an easy to use reflectance accessory for tablets and capsules and a laptop with intuitive library software; all contained in a rugged briefcase. The high resolution and extended wavelength range of the RxSpec700Z ensures complete Vis-NIR analysis of the suspect sample’s active ingredients and excipients including a colour measurement.

With rugged styling and dual battery/mains power, the RxSpec700Z is designed to be used in the field by non-technical operators. Samples are kept securely in place using the rugged sampling accessory and repeatable analysis can then be carried out wherever and whenever needed in just a few seconds. No sample preparation is required, and the non-destructive analysis ensures any evidence is left intact and uncompromised. The RxSpec software allows agents in remote locations such as pharmacies or warehouses to save and send data securely over the internet to the central lab for review, removing the need to package up samples and send them back for analysis and thus avoiding any delays.

As part of the program a NIR drugs library created over a number of years using a lab based spectrometer from another instrument manufacturer will be transferred to the RxSpec700Z, providing continuity in analysis with the benefits of a fully portable instrument.

ASD Inc. are recognised worldwide for expanding the limits of portable, non-destructive spectroscopy solutions.


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