Intertek MSG Choose CPS Disc Centrifuge for Nano-Particle Characterisation

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Dr Bill MeredithIntertek MSG Choose CPS Disc Centrifuge for Nano-Particle Characterisation

Biggleswade, UK, 13th August 2008: Intertek MSG has recently conducted a wide-ranging evaluation of commercially available instrumentation for analysing particle size distributions in nano-particle dispersions. Following this extensive review Intertek MSG chose to purchase the CPS DC24000 Disc Centrifuge instrument to complement their already impressive range of equipment for materials characterisation.

Dr. Bill Meredith, Team Leader of the Particle Sizing section at Intertek MSG, said; “Accurate, consistent, but also high resolution analysis of nano-particle distributions in aqueous and non-aqueous liquids is very important in the highly varied work we do for our customers. Our existing instruments such as PCCS and laser diffraction are very useful, but in some cases they either do not tell the whole story or cannot analyse the very small, eg. sub-50 nm, particles, to the required resolution. The CPS Disc Centrifuge therefore complements our current particle sizing equipment extremely well.”

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