Essential Nutrition Use LabSpec Portable NIR for Raw Materials Verification

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ASD's LabSpec 2500Essential Nutrition Use LabSpec Portable NIR for Raw Materials Verification

Biggleswade, UK, 7th December 2007: Essential Nutrition Ltd is a well-known and highly reputable manufacturer of tablets, capsules, powders and granules for the Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicinal sectors based in East Yorkshire. A LabSpec®2500 portable near infrared spectroscopy system has recently been supplied by Analytik Ltd to further enhance quality at Essential Nutrition.

Primarily the LabSpec®2500’s unique speed of measurement, portability and flexibility will be utilized for raw material verification in goods inwards areas. The capability of LabSpec®2500 to deliver rapid raw materials verification, in many cases by measuring through the packaging, is expected to be of significant benefit.

Colin Newbould, Quality Assurance Manager and Qualified Person with Essential Nutrition said “The LabSpec®2500 was an obvious choice. It’s portability as well as the capability for through the bag measurement will enable raw material identification to be carried out where it’s needed, when it’s needed. The flexibility this brings will also allow us to easily utilize near infrared technology in other areas in the future too, such as blend monitoring and finished product quality and verification. With the addition of LabSpec®2500 to our team, we now have the capability to perform more testing with minimal additional resources which overall will be a great asset to quality assurance at Essential Nutrition.”

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