Analytik report on the use of the LabSpec 4 portable Vis-NIR spectrometer at the National Soil Resources Institute at Cranfield University

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The LabSpec 4 portable Vis-NIR spectrometer in use at Cranfield UniversityAnalytik report on the use of the LabSpec 4 portable Vis-NIR spectrometer at the National Soil Resources Institute at Cranfield University

Cambridge, UK, 13th August 2013: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical solutions to the UK and Ireland, report on the application of the ASD, a PANalytical company, LabSpec 4 portable Vis-NIR spectrometer in the characterisation of samples at the National Soil Resources Institute at Cranfield University.

The National Soil Resources Institute is located at Cranfield University where it leads the University’s research on soil science to better understand the physical, chemical and biological processes that make up soil systems and provide the capacity for soil-based ecosystem services.

Dr Abdul Mounem Mouazen has a background in the application of engineering principles to soil and water management, with specific applications in soil dynamics, tillage, traction, compaction, mechanical weeding, soil remediation and management. He is an expert in visible (Vis) and near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and chemometric tools which has enabled him to develop one of three internationally patented on-line measurement systems of soil properties. Dr Mouazen works in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology where he is Senior Lecturer in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering and Director for the MSc course, Agriculture and Environment Engineering by Research. His current work focuses on combining cutting-edge sensor and system control technology with predictive modelling of the soil-plant-water system at field/sub-field scales, which might be described as ‘second wave’ precision agriculture. He is also working on soil dynamic related projects.

Dr Mouazen uses spectroscopic methods to measure the key properties of materials in agriculture and the environment to assist in the development of the best management strategies. Describing his choice of spectrometer, Dr Mouazen says “the LabSpec 4 system covers the entire visible-NIR range, is portable and delivers excellent performance in a cost-effective manner.”

Analytik Product Specialist, Hiran Vegad, says “The LabSpec 4 system is an enhanced portable and compact Vis-NIR spectrometer for extreme spectroscopy applications. It is a rapid, non-destructive, post-dispersive style system with extremely low stray-light for more robust qualitative and quantitative applications. We are seeing a growing list of applications for solids, powders, slurries, and liquids in many forms, for a variety of markets addressing raw and in-process materials all the way through finished product.”

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