Analytik reports on PEI Genesis’ work with the GL Optic SPECTIS 1.0 for high precision light assessment

*EDIT* Please note that Analytik no longer represents GL Optic in the UK and Ireland. To find your local distributor, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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Analytik reports on PEI Genesis’ work with the GL Optic SPECTIS 1.0 for high precision light assessment

Cambridge, UK, 7th May 2013: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, partner with German company, GL Optic, for the supply of handheld and laboratory based spectroradiometers and integrating spheres for use in both quality control and research applications for the growing lighting marketplace. Here, Analytik reports on PEI Genesis’ use of the GL SPECTIS 1.0 in the evaluation of product assembly and performance.

The GL Optic SPECTIS 1.0 is a practical and reliable handheld device specifically designed for the measurement and characterisation of light sources – especially LEDs – providing accurate spectral information and colour coordinates conforming to CIE standards. Dedicated software automatically calculates critical parameters such as colour temperature and colour rendering index, whilst different accessories are available for specialised measurements; including luminous flux using the GL OPTI SPHERE 48, and luminance measurement of flat LCD & OLED panels, and plasma FPDs using the GL OPTI PROBE 1.0.

PEI Genesis manufactures and assembles high quality electrical connectors and power supplies. For low volume orders, these are often assembled manually by skilled operators at specialised workstations. The components being assembled may be relatively small and not always easily distinguishable from one another. It is important for quality, productivity and convenience of assembly that the operators are very easily able to distinguish between certain components. These may consist of a wide range of different materials with different visual colours. The contrast in visual colour perceived by the operator between certain critical components is thus very important. Therefore selecting the most appropriate illumination sources with regard to the specific products being assembled at the workstations is an important factor to consider. The GL SPECTIS 1.0 and GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch are small and simple to use spectroradiometers designed to measure the spectral output, as well as many other colour parameters, of light sources. A GL SPECTIS 1.0 was used to make spectral measurements of the lighting conditions at many workstations and working areas around the PEI Genesis facility. The GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch would also be a highly suitable measuring device for this application. The spectral profiles obtained, in combination with an assessment of the visual colour of components being assembled at the associated working area, proved absolutely invaluable. These enabled PEI Genesis to make very informed choices about which light sources to use to enable most optimal lighting conditions, thus ensuring product quality and high productivity.

Marcus Grubb is an engineer at PEI Genesis saw the advantages of the GL SPECTIS 1.0 right from his initial demonstration. He describes his impressions: “Having gone through all of the results we took and compared with my notes, I carried out an additional experiment of my own using some of the lights we evaluated at the demonstration. I am very pleased to report how much the obtained results have benefited my research into exactly what colour lighting we require in order to see our products best. Having first tried several of the demo fittings adjacent to work areas of concern, I found that while most people were agreeing that more intense light was better, I found that nobody could give me a definitive answer as to what colour worked best. Having seen the results from GL SPECTIS 1.0, I can now see why that was the case, so I set up a remote phosphor unit in a darkened room. This allowed me to change the colour quickly. I asked several members of staff to look at some of the hardest-to-see connectors and inserts, and most people agreed that the colour I predicted would be best which I could not have done without the results from the GL Optic’s instrument. I found using the light measuring spectrometer extremely impressive: at how fast it is and how the information can be interpreted accurately and easily. From the light tests performed, I can now go to any manufacturer and tell them what colour of lighting we would require. The information has enabled me to see what colours are produced currently and where people say they can best see the connectors etc. We have been able to see exactly what colours and intensity are being produced. We have also been able to accurately predict which colour lighting would suit the majority of assembly workers.”

Talking about the value of GL Optic’s products to Analytik’s range of innovative scientific solutions for industry and research, founder and Managing Director, Ian Laidlaw, says “The UK lighting technology market is growing. The GL SPECTIS 1.0 continues to broaden our market reach based on more than ten years’ experience working in spectroscopy and allied measurement techniques.”


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