Analytik announces the VideometerLab multi-spectral imaging system is now available in the UK and Ireland

*EDIT* Please note that Analytik no longer represents Videometer in the UK and Ireland. To find your local distributor, please visit the manufacturer’s website here.

RGB and pseudo images showing the identification of increased active ingredient within the formulation of a single tabletAnalytik announces the VideometerLab multi-spectral imaging system is now available in the UK and Ireland

Analytik has announced the UK and Ireland release of the VideometerLab, an easy-to-use multispectral imaging and automated visual measurement system for fast and accurate determination of surface colour, texture and dimensions of manufactured and natural products.

The innovative system offers higher illumination efficiency and improved UV signal-to-noise than its predecessors. The instrument integrates a high-resolution camera with advanced digital image analysis and statistics software. The output is an accurate and objective measurement of visual quality in less than 10 seconds. Imaging examples can be seen on the VideometerLab product page.

Using strobed LED technology, the VideometerLab 3 combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single multispectral image. Every pixel in the image is a spectrum and the system includes wavelengths outside the range detected by traditional RGB technology.

Studies have shown that VideometerLab 3 is as accurate as a test panel but with significantly higher repeatability and the removal of subjective judgement. Specific areas of special interest such as shape, size, colour and texture can be studied automatically to provide fast, objective assessment for easy decision making. The smart software can be taught to discriminate just the properties you’re interested in, making it a versatile and adaptable solution to meet the demands of a modern food technology lab. One-click analysis ‘recipes’ make it accessible to novice users while the advanced suite of analysis tools will satisfy the most demanding power users.

Some applications examples of uses for the VideometerLab:

  • Microbial culture identification
  • Foreign matter contamination
  • Colour testing
  • Hydration analysis
  • Grain analysis and disease identification
  • Quality grading
  • Shelf-life studies
  • Supply chain integrity
  • Counterfeit detection

To find out more about the family of Videometer multi-spectral imaging solutions, visit:


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