Analytik announces the launch of the ASD QualitySpec Trek Portable Vis-NIR Spectrometer

*EDIT* Please note that this instrument has been discontinued by the manufacturer therefore is no longer available.

Cambridge, UK, 12th November, 2014: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, announce the UK and Ireland availability of the ASD QualitySpec Trek Portable Vis-NIR Spectrometer.

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of ASD’s high performance portable and handheld spectrometers for the field, lab and factory. They will work with prospective users on their applications challenges to produce a solution with the full support of the ASD, a PANalytical company team, based in Colorado, USA.

QualitySpec Trek is a truly portable full-range near-infrared spectrometer that is fast, accurate and easy to use. From ASD, the makers of the FieldSpec, LabSpec, and TerraSpec product lines, this new spectrometer redefines true instrument field-portability while maintaining the highest standards of spectral data quality that users have come to expect from the manufacturer.

QualitySpec Trek delivers precision full range spectral measurements through a hand-held system designed around a radically streamlined cable-free workflow. With one pull of the trigger this revolutionary hand-held full-range spectrometer delivers accurate spectral results in seconds. By optimising spectral collection workflow, portability and ease of use, QualitySpec Trek saves time in the field and maximises the return on the users’ investment.

There simply is no easier way to collect accurate full-range spectra. Analysts in a variety of industries can gather spectral signatures and create their own libraries for chemometric quantitative and qualitative assessments, using the spectra collected from QualitySpec Trek. It has been designed to be used in many industries looking at raw materials through to finished product verification with measurements even being made through the packaging. QualitySpec Trek is an instrument-to-have for the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics industries; for plastics and polymers; for food and beverages; for petrochemicals and biodiesel.

As Product Specialist, Hiran Vegad says, “this latest release from ASD shows their continued investment in delivering products to market that utilise the newest technology developments. The ASD, a PANalytical company introduce a more field-portable instrument which interfaces to laboratory-based data analysis systems for spectra view and archiving.”


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