Analytik announce the UK & Irish release of ASD’s Illuminator Reflectance Lamp for Accurate, Dependable Indoor Reflectance Measurements

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ASD’s Illuminator Reflectance Lamp being applied for soil analysisAnalytik announce the UK & Irish release of ASD’s Illuminator Reflectance Lamp for Accurate, Dependable Indoor Reflectance Measurements

Cambridge, UK, 15th September 2012: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical solutions to the UK and Ireland, is pleased to announce the release of the Illuminator Reflectance Lamp from ASD Inc., for a wide range of spectral analysis applications requiring artificial illumination without physical sample contact.

The Illuminator is designed to work with the FieldSpec® line of spectroradiometers or other instrumentation that requires reflectance illumination. With a smooth spectral curve and a constant lamp energy output, the Illuminator is perfect for dependable diffuse reflectance measurements across the full VIS/NIR spectral range (350 – 2500 nm). Sample materials well-suited for the Illuminator include soil and minerals, vegetation, fragile fossil specimens, delicate documents, and reflective or painted surfaces.

“One of the big advantages the Illuminator reflectance lamp provides is a strong and stable beam to maximize the amount of light energy on a sample area for the most dependable, accurate non-contact indoor measurements,” said Dr. Brian Curtiss, CTO of ASD.

Illuminator Benefits:

• Stable illumination over the 350 to 2500 nm range
• Maximized light energy through well-defined beam
• Multiple mount options, making it usable with any lab stands or tripods
• Can be used with nearly any instrument performing reflectance measurement readings (recommended with FieldSpec spectroradiometers)
• Soft-start feature extends bulb life: rated at 1,340 hours, which is equivalent to more than 160 full days of steady use

For more information about ASD’s instruments, visit:

Cambridge-based Analytik are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of ASD’s family of spectroscopy products. To learn more about the full range and their applications, visit:

About…ASD Inc. was established in 1990 in Boulder, Colorado, United States, and has become the global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions, solving some of the most challenging real-world materials measurement problems. ASD spectrometers – unparalleled in providing laboratory-grade results in the field or on-site – are the instruments of choice for remote sensing, environmental sciences, agricultural, mining, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industry applications, where results drive paradigm-changing insights, efficiency and profit. ASD’s collaborative culture and world-class customer service put the best, fastest and most accurate spectroscopic instruments to work for industry and science in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information, please visit



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