Multisensor Plant Phenotyping System Delivers Standardised Data

Configurable with a wide range of sensors, the new HyperAixpert multisensor plant phenotyping system from LemnaTec draws upon advanced machine-learning based analytical software with an intuitive experiment driven design to ensure that your data acquisition is both standardised and repeatable.

Suitable for a range of sample types, the high-resolution sensors on the HyperAixpert enable rapid digital analysis of phenotyping traits thereby delivering optimised results for experiments in genetics, plant research and breeding, plant cultivation products as well as detecting plant stress and diseases.

The HyperAixpert may be configured to operate hyperspectral cameras in scanning mode and therefore is a powerful tool for physiological phenotyping. Options for PAM chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and NIR imaging also enable the HyperAixpert to deliver top quality physiologically relevant data. Dimensions and morphology of plants under study can be addressed using RGB-imaging and laser scanning sensors. Comprehensive data sets originating from the broad range of cameras/sensors deliver phenotypic data on both morphological and physiological levels.

HyperAixpert Model
hyperaixpert plant phenotyping

Broad ranges of typical laboratory samples can be measured, including seedlings up to 20 cm height, samples in MTPs or petri dishes, or detached plant parts. Samples on trays can be loaded into the measuring cabinet by the user, or via an automated TrayProvider unit as an optional accessory. With an optional recessed sample stage, plants up to 40 cm can be measured in the manual loading mode. The HyperAixpert is designed for easy integration into climate control chambers.

Though the HyperAixpert was designed to work with model species such as Arabidopsis, it equally handles early-stage seedlings of most crop species. Beneficially the multisensor plant phenotyping diagnostic power of the system is not restricted to just plants, several other sample types match with the system, too. For instance, assessment of fungal growth on plates, or insects feeding on leaf discs are applications that have been investigated by the HyperAIxpert.

HyperAixpert Phenotyping System

HyperAixpert is an advanced multi-sensor plant phenotyping system for Arabidopsis, seedlings, petri dishes, MTPs, and much more.

Suitable for a range of sample types, the HyperAixpert plant phenotyping system is flexible and customisable for research and development in genetics, plant research and breeding, plant cultivation products, and detecting plant stress and diseases.

HyperAixpert System


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