Analytik partners with Cambridge Judge Business School for CVP project

Monday 9th December 2019 saw the conclusion of an 8-week collaboration project between Analytik and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

The MBA Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) is a hands-on, part-time engagement is based on five MBA students working as a team of consultants in a local business, addressing a specific market need. The CVP is an ideal opportunity for local organisations with limited resources to benefit from fresh, unbiased and objective market research evaluations. For the students, the CVP is a chance to apply their market analysis skills to a real problem, and to get an insight into “Silicon Fen” and the kind of challenges faced by innovators working in high-risk, high-pressure environments.

The project Market Analysis of Laminar Continuous Taylor Reactors (LCTR) centred around exploring potential markets for a new, unique product offering recently added to Analytik’s product portfolio, where the students investigated which sectors and processes are the most attractive applications of the LCTR system regarding size and growth.

Analytik representatives attended a final presentation at the Judge Business School on 9th December where the students delivered their outcomes and recommendations for Analytik to take forward.

“We would like to thank Andres, Ankita, Henry, Mohammed and Trang for their efforts during the project, it has been a pleasure working with them and we wish them all the best in the future”.

Ian Laidlaw, Managing Director of Analytik

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MBA CVP Students


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