Numerical simulation of ammonium perchlorate particles based on a population balance equation model in Taylor-Couette flow

A recent whitepaper published by our continuous Taylor flow reactor manufacturing partner Laminar discusses the utilisation of Taylor-Couette flow, which involves rotating a rod within a cylindrical reactor, to apply stable shear forces to suspended particles in a fluid. While experiments using this flow have been successful in preparing micro-size particles at the laboratory level, predicting particle size distributions in large-scale reactors presents challenges. Computational methods, specifically a population balance equation model coupled with computational fluid dynamics, are proposed to address this issue.

The paper outlines the determination of parameters for the model based on experimental data and the subsequent prediction of particle size distributions in scale-up reactors. The method’s validity and applicability are thoroughly discussed, with simulation results indicating reliability in predicting particle sizes over time and agreement with experimental findings in larger reactors. The suggested method is expected to be useful for estimating particle size distributions in various operational conditions.

LCTR® – TERA 1L – R&D Level for Battery Material Development 

Laminar’s Tera 3100/3300 series 1 Litre reactors are ideal platforms for developing, optimising and producing various battery materials continuously at scales of up to 200g/hour. The Tera 3300 has integrated PLC control of process pumps, thermostats, simplifying operation while both variants are available with steel or Teflon coated reaction vessels.


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