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CMAC Open Days are back, 14th – 16th November, join us to explore advances in pharmaceutical manufacturing, with our esteemed partner Laminar Co.

Registration is still open:

Discover the LCTR ®  Lab II-H series – for Pharmaceutical Material Development

Laminar’s Lab II-H series 200ml reactor is an ideal platform for developing, optimising and producing various pharmaceutical materials continuously using commercially unique Taylor-Vortex mixing. The Lab-II-H models are available with Steel/ Hastelloy, Teflon-coated or Glass reaction vessels. Find out more>

Key Application Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical API crystallization.
  • Precipitation/ crystallization of inorganics compounds.
  • Recrystallization for high purity.
  • Phase transformation (Pharmaceutical) – e.g., SMZ-Sulfameraine.
  • Isomer separation (Petrochemical) – e.g., MFB – PMT
  • Sol-gel chemical method for the synthesis of various nanostructures, especially metal oxide nanoparticles.

LCTR ® Benefits: 

  • Reduced Reaction Times – order of magnitude decreases in reaction time, depending on application.
  • Increased Purity – higher purity products through uniform mixing.
  • Particle Size – controlled particle size and distribution in crystallisation & precipitation reactions.
  • Scalable Process – continuous process, scalable from low-volume laboratory bench top reactors to production scale (working volume 0.02 – 1,000 litres).
  • Spherical Particle Morphology 
  • Rapid Optimisation


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