Introducing Biomarker Colocalization for the ZetaView® NTA Analyser

The ZetaView® from Particle Metrix is a cutting-edge nanoparticle tracking system that enables the analysis and characterisation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) and other nano particles. The system has several benefits over traditional NTA instruments, making it a robust and comprehensive tool for researchers in various fields.

A key benefit of the ZetaView is its high sensitivity, which allows for the detection and analysis of broad range of nano particles, including EVs. Additionally, ZetaView offers a wide range of measurement parameters, including size, concentration, zeta potential and fluorescence capabilities, which can provide valuable insights into the behaviour and properties of particles in solution.

Particle Metrix has announced a new capability of the ZetaView: colocalization detection. This innovation enables researchers to study the colocalization of two different markers on an individual nano particle, providing valuable information on their molecular composition and potential functions.

The ZetaView’s colocalization detection capability also opens up new avenues for NTA. In a recent in-house study Particle Metrix have been able to successfully measure the colocalization of CD9 and CD41 on double stained human platelet derived mesenchymal stem cell EVs, these results were confirmed with imaging flow cytometry (IFCM).  This can be particularly useful in understanding the role of EVs in intercellular communication and disease progression.

In conclusion, ZetaView is a powerful instrument for analysing nano particles in biological samples, offering high sensitivity and a wide range of measurement parameters. With its new colocalization detection capability, the system provides researchers with a valuable tool for studying the molecular composition and function of EVs and their interaction with other biological entities. C-NTA provides reproducible and highly comparable results to IFCM, allowing more targeted results than the traditional F-NTA and scatter-based NTA.

To find out more about the ZetaView’s brand new colocalization functionality, click here.


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