How Microfluidizer® Processors are used to support vaccine production

Discover how Microfluidizer processors from Microfluidics support vaccine production. First featured on the Microfluidics Blog.

Some of the most commonly used adjuvants are oil in water nano-emulsions. These adjuvants are ideal for pandemic vaccines because their antibody response and safety is well understood.

MF59, which has been approved for the flu vaccine, has been developed for pandemic vaccines by the Infectious Disease Research Institute and others. These adjuvants can be produced quickly, and can greatly increase the efficacy of the vaccine while limiting the quantity of antigen that is required per dose. The high shear rates and uniform processing generated by Microfluidizer technology enables sterile filtration of emulsions at production scales.

Many other types of recombinant molecules are processed with Microfluidizer technology. Any recombinant process that requires cell disruption will benefit from consistent processing which will enable cell disruption at the lowest energy levels possible. Low input energy and efficient cooling ensures that the molecules that are being produced have the highest chance of maintaining activity.

As a manufacturer of equipment used to support COVID-19 countermeasure efforts, Microfluidics remains operational during this time.

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