Polartronic H532 – R&D and Materials Characterisation

The H532 Polartronic is a 4th decimal place resolution, ultra precise polarimeter with up to 5 wavelengths available from Sodium and Mercury spectral lamps.

Note: PerkinElmer have ceased production of their high resolution polarimeters (341 and 343 Series) and are now recommending the Polartronic H532 polarimeter to all customers. Click here for details.

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Polartronic H532

The Polartronic H532 is the highest precision polarimeter on the market; the combination of the innovations featured in the Polartronic series with the fundamental measuring stability of spectral lamps gives unmatched precision throughout the full 360 degree measuring range.

Sodium and Mercury Spectral lamps’ atomic emission guarantees wavelength stability which means a calibration free lifetime. Supply of spectral lamps is guaranteed for 10 years.

Key Features:

  • Direct reading of the rotation angle without mechanical transmission (patented) results in guaranteed unrivalled precision over the entire measuring range
  • 4th decimal place resolution 0.0001°
  • Short measuring time (approx. 4 seconds)
  • Continuous measurement allows flow through measurements to be easily performed
  • Program up to 10 special scales (glucose, mono sodium glutamate or other) and 10 methods
  • Calibration free due to spectral lamps
  • Selectable apertures for standard cells and micro cells
  • Serial to Ethernet converter for data transfer to PC
  • Up to 5 wavelengths
  • User friendly menu structure operated with splash proof alphanumerical keyboard – results displayed on large LCD display
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready

Note: PerkinElmer have ceased production of their high resolution Polarimeters (341 and 343 Series) and are now recommending the S+H Polartronic H532 to all customers. Click here for details.

Technical Specifications:

Polartronic H532
Measurement ranges ±360° / ± 259°Z
Resolution 0.0001° / 0.01°Z
Precision ±0.002° / ±0.01°Z constant over the entire measuring range
Repeatability ±0.001° / ±0.01°Z constant over the entire measuring range
Sensitivity OD 4.0
Temp. resolution 0.01°C
Temp. precision ±0.03°C
Measuring tubes Micro cells or standard calls up to 200mm length
Wavelengths Up to 5 (365nm; 405nm; 435nm; 546nm; 578nm; 589 nm)
Light source Sodium and Mercury spectral lamp
Data in / output: 1 parallel, 1 PS2, 2 serial, USB/Ethernet coverter optional
Dimensions / Weight: 650 x 315 x 160mm  (WxHxD),   ca. 11.8 kg
Norms: European and American Pharmacopeia,
GLP/GMP conform documentation and printout,
CFR 21 Part 11 ready, optional PC software “Aquisys 2008”

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  • PharmaceuticalsSchmidt+Haensch Polartronic H532 (alkaloids, amino acids, organic compounds, vitamins, essential oils, antibiotics, serums)

  • Chemicals (organic fluids, biopolymers, synthetic and organic polymers, benzene, acids, esters etc.)

  • Research (analysis of molecular structure, investigation of kinetic reactions as function of time, distinction of optical isomers, monitoring changes in concentration of an optically active component in a reaction mixture as in enzymatic scission)


PDF Icon Polartronic H532 Datasheet

PDF Icon Polartronic H532 and Aquisys Software – Pharmaceutical Laboratory Polarimeter

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