Long-Term Stability of Pickering Nano emulsions Prepared using Diblock Copolymer Nanoparticles: Effect of Nanoparticle Core Crosslinking, Oil Type, and the Role Played by Excess Copolymers

Saul J. Hunter and Steven P. Armes, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

This study examines how subtle differences in nanoparticle emulsifiers affect the long-term stability of Pickering nanoemulsions towards Ostwald ripening. It is well-known that micron-sized oil droplets can be stabilised using polymer latex particles of 100-1000 nm diameter. Such macro-emulsions are readily prepared simply by high-shear homogenization. However, the preparation of much finer Pickering nanoemulsions requires further processing via high-pressure microfluidization. In this particular study, an LV1 Microfluidizer was used to prepare Pickering nanoemulsions using sterically-stabilized diblock copolymer nanoparticles of less than 30 nm diameter.


The LV1 Microfluidizer is ideally suited to this task as it allows researchers convenient access to reproducible high-shear processing, which is essential for the production of relatively uniform Pickering Nanoemulsions. In addition, the combination of high shear mixing with high-pressure microfluidization is applicable to various industrial sectors, such as cosmetics, food manufacturing, drug delivery and agrochemicals.

Prof. Steve Armes FRS of the University of Sheffield commented: “We purchased an LV1 Microfluidizer because I wanted to conduct fundamental research in the relatively under-developed field of Pickering nanoemulsions. I have been delighted with our results, the ensuing scientific publications and the excellent technical support offered by Analytik Ltd.”

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The LV1 Microfluidizer® Processor is a low volume high shear homogeniser developed as a result of customer demand to bring Microfluidizer quality nanotechnology processing to the millilitre scale. Like all Microfluidizer® processors, the LV1 delivers industry-leading particle size reductions, provides the narrowest particle size distributions and better recovery in fewer, shorter passes.


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