Analytik announce unique portable NIR solution for food and feed

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AgriSpec portable NIR analyser available with INGOT calibration packagesAnalytik announce unique portable NIR solution for food and feed

Cambridge, UK, 30th August 2011: A ‘Ready to go’ NIR analyser for the food and feed industry combining a high-performance, portable AgriSpec spectrometer with pre-loaded INGOT calibrations from Aunir is now available throughout the UK and Ireland.

Using real time NIR analysis; essential parameters for the milling, grain, animal feeds and food processing industries such as moisture, protein, ash, fat, fibre and starch can be determined in seconds – as materials are received, and without any sample preparation – ensuring processing decisions can be made immediately without sending samples to the laboratory.

Over the last 20 years the food and feed industry has invested heavily in NIR instrumentation and NIR is now a tried and trusted technique in the quality laboratory. The success of Aunir’s INGOT product – bringing ‘off the shelf’ NIR calibrations to the industry has meant NIR analysis can be implemented without time consuming in-house development of NIR calibrations with the subsequent expensive primary chemistry testing this requires. As a result AgriSpec with Aunir calibrations is ‘ready to go’ from day one.

Using a NIR instrument in the laboratory or in a protected environment such as a store room fails to capitalise on the efficiency of the technique, as although analysis takes only a few seconds, turnaround is slowed as sub-samples are required to be collected, packed and queued before analysis. Uniquely, the combined offering from ASD and Aunir is high quality results from a mobile analyser suitable for use in the warehouse or receiving area as required; saving time and money. With rugged styling and dual battery/mains power, the AgriSpec NIR analyser is designed to be used in the field by non-technical operators.

AgriSpec combines an ASD research grade near infrared (NIR) spectrometer with easy to use reflectance accessories and intuitive software. The high resolution and extended wavelength range ensures full, high quality NIR analysis for every sample; in-house calibrations developed on other NIR instruments may be transferred to the AgriSpec.

ASD Inc. is recognised worldwide as the leader in portable research grade NIR instrumentation.
Aunir are developers and suppliers of INGOT NIR calibrations, their NIR software products are used in over 35 countries covering a diverse range of Food and Feed applications.


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