Join us at REAP Conference 2019

6th November, Rowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket

Innovating Towards One Agriculture

With ever-increasing agricultural demands, REAP 2019 will explore how the concept of ‘One Agriculture’ (an integrated approach to harnessing innovations) could help farmers and growers fulfil these roles and create profitable, productive and sustainable business.

Experts from different spheres and the next generation of industry leaders will highlight how agri-tech will enable farming to be part of the solution to grand challenges.

Hear from speakers including:

  • Poul Hovesen, Director of Farming, Holkham Farming Company
  • Dr Susannah Bolton, Knowledge Exchange Director, AHDB
  • Simon Doherty, President, British Veterinary Association
  • Prof. John Crawford, Science Director, Rothamsted Research
  • Heleen Prinsen, Project Leader, South Netherlands Farmers Union

Analytik’s agricultural research solutions are designed to enable maximisation of crop yields, inform effective decision-making, reduce environmental impact and lower costs surrounding use of pesticides, fertiliser, herbicides and water. We specialise in Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging, as well as portable and handheld Spectroradiometry and Spectroscopy for a range of agricultural applications.

Our technology provides a wide variety of solutions for agriculture including:

  • Crop and Soil Research
  • Food and Drink Analysis
  • Cereal, Seed and Grain Analysis
  • Crop Physiology
  • Forestry
  • Ecology


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