Introducing the All New Nano HP™ and Co-Aligned HP™

Analytik is proud to announce the availability of the all new new  Nano HP™ and  Co-Aligned HP™ hyperspectral imaging sensors from our award-winning manufacturing partner Headwall Photonics.

The Nano HP™ VNIR sensor features improved spatial resolution, as well as a greater number of spectral bands in an exceptionally small, light and power-efficient form. The Nano HP™ can be purchased as a payload for integration onto compatible UAVs and form part of integrated “turnkey” systems that include a drone. Expected to replace Headwall’s original Nano-Hyperspec, which took the remote sensing community by storm to become the best-selling system of its kind, the Nano HP™ comes with a high-performance GPS/IMU and enables Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) to be added as a integral module, so that a Nano HP with LIDAR is actually lighter and smaller than a similarly equipped original Nano-Hyperspec!

The Co-Aligned HP™ VNIR/SWIR Sensor is highly advanced sensor that allows for simultaneous capture of both visible and near-infrared (VNIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) data, providing a more complete and accurate representation of the scene being imaged. This makes it perfect for wide range of applications, including mineral exploration, precision agriculture, and environmental monitoring. The sensor is specially designed to be part of turnkey payload packages for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) making it more accessible to users.

“We are excited to offer these two advanced hyperspectral imaging sensors as part of our turnkey payload packages for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).” said Hiran Vegad, Sales Director and spectral imaging solutions specialist at Analytik. “With these technologies, we can provide customers with complete solutions for collecting high-resolution, hyperspectral data.”


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