Formnext Collaboration: A Strategic Endeavor with 3D Lab

We’re excited to share a quick update from the Formnext event in Frankfurt, where our Sales Director, Hiran, attended with our valued partner, 3D Lab.

This event is a hub for groundbreaking ideas and tech progress, and we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek into this important collaboration. Check out some cool moments with Piotr and Jakub from the talented 3D Lab team.

More about the ATO Ultrasonic Metal Powder Atomisers

  • Metal Powder Production, Simplified – No more reliance on costly external atomising facilities,  take control of your own laboratory! ATO atomisers are purpose-built for efficient use in standard lab environments, without the hassle of complex infrastructures and with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Accelerate Material Development – Eliminate delays, ATO ultrasonic atomisers deliver the highest quality metal powders in just one day, boosting low oxygen content, exceptional particle sphericity, and outstanding flowability.
  • Superior Metal Powder Quality – Swiftly manufacture high-quality metal powders characterised by a precise particle size distribution, exceptional sphericity, and uniformity. The outcome? Outstanding flowability, ensuring seamless metal printing.
  •  Versatile Solution – ATO atomisers are capable of processing a huge range of alloys, both reactive and non-reactive, including steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel-based alloys, and more.
  • Compact and Low Maintenance – Reduce costs and streamline your processes with tailor-made powders. ATO ultrasonic atomisers have a compact design, without compromised performance. ATO boasts reduced media consumption for an efficient, cost-effective approach to metal powder production.
ATO Lab Plus: Precision Metal Powder Production


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