AZO Materials highlights Analytik reporting on the use of the ASD FieldSpec Handheld 2 portable spectroradiometers

AZO Materials highlights Analytik reporting on the use of the ASD FieldSpec Handheld 2*EDIT* Please note that this product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Being able to identify the early characteristics of disease during crop development is the subject of a three and a half year study of test field sites in Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and South Wales. Co-funded by Innovate UK and BBSRC, a consortium comprising Agrii, RAGT and the University of Nottingham are running a project into this important challenge.

The ASD FieldSpec Handheld 2 portable spectroradiometer from Analytik was chosen by the team to make on-site spectral reflectance measurements on wheat canopies at each of the field sites. The reflectance data will be correlated with hyperspectral image data to aid final analysis. The ASD instruments were attractive due to their rugged and robust construction backed with no compromise in reliable spectrographic performance. Dr Rumiana Ray is an Associate Professor in Crop Pathology at the School of Biosciences at the University of Nottingham. Her research focus is on the development of integrative strategies for the control of cereal diseases. “We aim to identify novel hyperspectral and/or fluorescence signatures to probe crop health. If we are able to also differentiate responses in our varieties to disease and treatment then we can improve crop management decisions” said Dr Ray.

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