Analytik Joins Forces with 3D Lab to Introduce ATO Technology: an Innovative Ultrasonic Atomiser Range for the Production of Metal Powders

Analytik is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with 3D Lab, innovators in metal powder atomisation technology. The collaboration sees Analytik become the exclusive distributor of their ATO Ultrasonic Atomiser technology, throughout the UK and Ireland.

ATO Ultrasonic Atomisers introduce a new era of efficiency and precision in metal powder production for industries such as additive manufacturing, metallurgical research, and coatings. This advanced technology offers unique advantages for laboratories and research facilities seeking to optimise material development and streamline their processes. With limited metal powder products currently on the market, and often only sold in large quantities, ATO technology offers a revolutionary in-house atomisation process. Specifically engineered for lab environments, ATO technology enables small laboratories, R&D departments and research units to produce metal powders in smaller quantities, reducing these unnecessary costs and wastage.

Speaking about new partnership, Hiran Vegad, Sales Director at Analytik, stated, “We are delighted to join forces with 3D Labs and bring their high-tech ATO Ultrasonic Atomiser to the UK and Ireland market. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Analytik’s commitment to providing next-generation solutions to our customers. The ability to produce high-quality metal powders in-house, with unmatched efficiency, will undoubtedly drive innovation in various industries, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological advancement.”

Through its ultrasonic atomisation process, ATO technology pioneers the swift production of high-quality metal powders in as little as 15 minutes, characterised by very low oxygen content, high particle sphericity, and exceptional flowability. This accelerated material development process propels innovation, enabling manufacturers and researchers to bring ideas to market faster than ever before.

The key advantage of ATO’s innovative metal powders lies in their premium quality, featuring a narrow particle size distribution, impeccable sphericity, and homogeneity. This translates to heightened flowability, ensuring a flawless and precise 3D metal printing experience for a spectrum of applications, both established and emerging.

What sets ATO apart is its unparalleled flexibility, effortlessly handling a diverse range of reactive and non-reactive alloys, from steel and aluminium to titanium and nickel-based materials. This adaptability positions ATO as the ultimate choice for commercial and research needs, enabling users to explore an extensive array of materials with efficiency and ease.

Furthermore, the ATO Ultrasonic Atomiser boasts a compact footprint and low-maintenance design, resulting in cost savings and process optimisation. Its custom powder production capability minimises material consumption, making ATO a cost-effective solution for laboratories and manufacturers alike.

Also now available is the new optional Induction Module System (IMS), which can be integrated to allow the system to accept different and irregular shaped materials, with the same processing capability as the standard rod feed system. The IMS streamlines the interchange of feeding systems for quick transition, features digital monitoring and a control panel for precise process management, and offers dual configuration featuring a hot crucible (for irregular shape materials) and an ATO rod feeding system (compatible with SRFS and MRFS), for enhanced productivity beyond standard TIG configurations – all through user-friendly operation by a single operator.

Commenting on the new partnership, Piotr Jędrych at 3D Lab added,

We’re confident that our ATO technology, in tandem with Analytik’s unparalleled expertise, will pave the way for more efficient and self-reliant material development in the region. Our collaboration with Analytik is more than just a union of technology and distribution; it’s an opportunity for UK companies to gain a significant competitive advantage. The capability to produce high-quality metal powders in-house not only accelerates innovation but also provides industries with greater autonomy, reducing reliance on external suppliers. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, this self-sufficiency is invaluable.”

Stay tuned for further information about ATO Technology, in the meantime please contact Analytik at

About 3D Lab
Based in Warsaw, Poland, 3D Lab has over 15 years’ experience in additive manufacturing technologies. Since creating their own ultrasonic atomizer prototype in 2017, 3D Lab’s passionate team has expanded the company’s technology portfolio with its own brand of turnkey solutions including atomizers, sieving systems and cleaning stations, all based on patented ultrasonic technology. Their cutting-edge technologies have revolutionised various industries, providing high-quality metal powders for additive manufacturing, metallurgy, coatings, and beyond.

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