Webinar: The NanoFlowSizer – A Non-Invasive, Realtime Nanoparticle Analyzer

Standard Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) techniques have been used for decades to measure the size of nanoparticles in suspension. However, due to its reliance on the measurement of particle diffusion via standard optics, DLS can only be performed on sufficiently dilute and stagnant nanosuspensions, precluding many applications for direct (inline) monitoring of nanomedicine production processes. To solve this, InProcess-LSP has developed a new non-invasive PAT instrument, the NanoFlowSizer which allows to spatially resolve the fluctuations of scattered light from suspensions. This instrument is based on Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS), a technique that combines low coherence interferometry with traditional dynamic light scattering, providing continuous, real-time, inline size and PSD characterization of concentrated and/or flowing nanodispersions in process environments. The presentation will be focused in showing the functionalities and the technical background of the NanoFlowSizer, with a focus on the most relevant applications. The operation of the instrument will also be showed.


  • Raquel Arribas Bueno – Application Specialist at InProcess-LSP
  • Alessio Spaziani – Sales Engineer at Quantum Design Italy


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